Sustainable Earth Solutions Club
    The goal of our Sustainable Earth Solutions Club is to help our friends and family better understand the complex set of challenges faced by our community and greater civilization. From energy choices that affect levels of pollution and related illnesses, to climate change and other large scale weather events and seasonal disruptions, opportunities exist to re-think and re-invent social norms.  With immense challenges come an equal number of opportunities to take positive actions to limit impacts to our living world.  With roughly 7 billion people on our planet, the sum of everything we do impacts our world on a large scale.  If each of us can do a few things to use less energy when we need it, waste less energy when we don't need to use it, and learn more about and support renewable energies, we'll all be better off.  Club meets every Tuesday and Thursday in 185.  Please join us when you can.
    Recycling Club
    The Recycling Club's goal, is to help students and the greater Franklin and KenTon communities better understand the opportunities we have to be better stewards of our precious resources. For instance...
    did you know?...
    Recycling paper uses 64% less water than making paper from scratch.
    Recycling paper uses 50% less energy than making paper from scratch.
    Recycling paper produces 74% less air pollution than making paper from scratch.
    Recycling paper can reduce the amount of waste in our landfills by roughly 40%.
    Recycling paper can reduce each family's waste stream by about 4lbs. per week on average.
    Please recycle whenever possible, and take your efforts to the next level, by using fewer products that are disposable.  Why not bring your lunch to school in a reusable container?  Take action and take a picture.  The Recycling club would love to see what you do to help reduce, reuse and recycle everyday!  Club meets Tuesdays in 185.  Please join us.
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