• All students will take a short final exam (25 questions) at the close of the 4th quarter.  Scores will be averaged with their course grades to produce a final average.

    7th Grade Overview - 4th Quarter
    Students will continue to use the 3D CAD drawing program, AutoDesk Inventor.  Students will also continue with Vex Robotics, and build examples of simple working mechanisms. 
     Students will then develop power point presentations to teach their classmates about their chosen mechanisms.  
    Grades will be earned for research, power point organization and content, presentation to their peers, and, demonstrated knowledge of mechanisms with a working version to share with classmates.
    6th Grade Overview - 4th Quarter

    Students will continue with an ongoing Air Racer challenge, designing air skimmer models virtually with 3D CAD, and, then drawing and constructing and testing actual racers, using rulers and other hands-on materials, tools and techniques.

    Students will earn grades from parts drawn with 3D CAD program, as well as the virtual assembly of these parts.  Additional grades will be awarded for actual pencil and paper drawings, as well as a fully assembled and working air skimmer, as well as points for testing their racers.