• Curriculum in order
    7th Grade 
    Ch 1. Geography  
    Ch. 2 Native Americans (1+2 Combined) 
    Ch. 3 Explorers 
    Ch. 4 13 Colonies
    Ch. 5 The Road to Revolution
    Ch. 6 The American Revolution
    Ch. 7 Creating a Republic
    Ch. 8 Constitution
    Ch. 9 The New Government
    Ch. 10 The Age of Jefferson
    Ch. 11 Industrial Revolution
    Ch. 12 Age of Jackson
    Ch. 13 Westward Expansion
    Ch. 14 The Worlds of North and South
    Ch. 15 The Reform Era Before Civil War
    Ch. 16 A Dividing Nation
    Ch. 17 The Civil War
    8th Grade
    Ch. 17 Civil War Review
    Ch. 18 Reconstruction
    Ch. 19 Era of Change in the West
    Ch. 20 Rise of Industry and Unions
    Ch. 21 Immigration and the Growth of cities
    Ch. 22 Progressives and Reformers
    Ch. 23 Becoming a World Power
    Ch. 24 World War One
    Ch. 25 The Roaring Twenties
    Ch. 26 The Great Depression
    Ch. 27 World War Two
    Ch. 28 The Cold War Era
    Ch. 29 Prosperity and Reform
    Ch. 30 New Directions