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    Math - Grade 7
    Ms. Sciandra and Miss Cohen
    Room 223
        Welcome to a new school year and 7th grade Math.  This year's math course is a continuation of the Connected Math program you began last year.  We are looking forward to a very exciting and interesting year.
         To make sure that this classroom is a good learning environment for all of us, the following expectations will serve as the rules for this year. 
    BEHAVIORAL EXPECTATIONS:                                                 algboard
         1. Be respectful to ALL.  This includes:
                 a.  No talking when I, Miss Cohen or a classmate is talking.
                 b.  No teasing, harassing or bullying fellow students.
                 c.  Absolutely NO profanity.
         2. Be on time.  I will begin class with or without you.  If you come late without a pass, expect to stay 10th period to makeup the time you missed.
         3.  Be polite.  Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat.  Good manners and the use of "please" and "thank you" always help set a positive climate.
         4.  Be prepared.  Everyday you will need your Math binder including your textbook and your resource binder.  Only pencils will be used in Math class.  No pens will be allowed!
         5.  Be positive.  A positive attitude is important for your success.  The words "I can't" are not allowed in this classroom.  You CAN and will do well if you try!
         6.  Be productive.  Complete assignments on time and participate in class.  
         If you are absent, you will need to make up any work you missed.  When you return, you need to check the homework board for any work assigned.  Be sure to ask your partner or a reliable person what we did during your absence and copy any notes.  Check the absentee folder for any handouts you may need.  See me to make arrangements to take a quiz or test you may have missed.  When you hand in a missed assignment, write ABSENT on the top of the page to receive full credit.  YOU are responsible for all assigned work.  Late work will NOT be accepted.  If you need additional help, see Ms. Sciandra during STAR or AIM.
    REMEMBER:  Any missed assignment goes into your grade as a ZERO!
    This heading will be used on ALL papers.
              NAME                         GROUP
              DATE                          ASSIGNMENT
    REMEMBER:  If you do not use the heading, the assignment will receive a ZERO!
    GRADING:                                                    BOOKS         
    You will receive a Math grade for each marking period.  This grade will be determined using the "total points" method.  Points will be awarded for:
         1.  Homework
         2.  Basic Skills/Review Assignments
         3.  Quizzes/Tests
         4.  Mathematical Reflections
         5.  Projects
    You will have access to your grades via the internet.  You may check them at home or in the computer room.  I will not give grades out in class.  You may use STAR or AIM time to check and discuss grades.
    No extra credit will be given in Math class.  If you do your homework, participate in class and work to the best of your ability on all tests and quizzes, you will be successful.
    The grading scale is as follows:
              A+     100 - 97                    C+     81 - 79
              A        96 - 94                    C      78 - 76
              A-       93 - 91                    C-     75 - 73
              B+       90 - 88                    D+    72 - 70
              B        87 - 85                     D     69 - 67
              B-       84 - 82                     D-   66 - 65
                                                         F     64 - 0
    You should have a green Math binder.  Your binder should have FIVE sections:
         1.  Classroom Rules & Projects       
         2.  Class Work
         3.  Graded Work
         4.  Basic Skills
         5.  Review
         A pass will only be given in emergency situations.  You have more than enough time between classes to make sure you have all materials from your locker and to take care of personal needs.

    Dear Parents/Guardian:
         Attached is a list of academic and behavioral expectations for 7th grade Math.  Please read and discuss these expectations with your son or daughter.  Their input is important.  Please sign below with your student to indicate that you have seen, read and discussed the expectations.  Then, have your student return the signed letter to me.
         As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at school anytime.  I am looking forward to a very successful year and meeting all of you at Open House.
                                                      Ms. Sciandra and Miss Cohen
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