What should you bring to class each day?

    1. Two or more pencils with erasers. Pens are not acceptable.
    *a hand held pocket pencil sharpener is also recommended.
    2. Your agenda (which you will receive in school)- Always carry your agenda.
    3. A regular inexpensive spiral notebook for sketching preliminary ideas and roughs, writing down thoughts about your work in progress, reflections, taking notes on the subject matter being discussed, etc.. If you prefer a inexpensive folder with paper in it, that is fine as well. I recommend putting your names on the pencils and keeping them in your folder/notebook.
    (a lined spiral notebook is perfectly fine but an inexpensive sketchbook would be awesome, especially if you consider yourself a doodle enthusiast or if you eventually want to get a job in the field of art).
    4. Two thin and thick black sharpies would be great.
    5. Always be prepared with an open mind focused on learning and a positive attitude.
    Remember... Attitude is Everything!
     *If you have your own colored pencils or markers for other classes, great, bring them!
    Please, I strongly recommend that you take the time to
    put your name & primetime number on all classroom supplies
    you bring to class, especially pencils. Things do get misplaced sometimes, and it may be hard to distinguish whose #2 pencil was left next to the light table or on the counter or under the table, or in the hallway...
    Doing this will help keep your personal classroom possessions in your possession.
    T H A N K   Y O U.


    so, after all of this, the big question is...

    Who is responsible for making sure
    Y O U
    are prepared for class each day?
    Mr. Pencil Pogo Champion 2006
Last Modified on June 22, 2010