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    Classroom Expectations
    As always, the general rules of school conduct apply within the classroom and throughout the hallways on your way to class.
    Always do the best you can.
    Be on time for class every day and have a pass from the previous teacher you were with if you feel you are going to be late.
    At the start of class, please be in your seat and be prepared to work.
    LISTEN TO DIRECTIONS... Follow directions the first time they are given.
    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    Work as a team to keep our classroom and school a safe place.
    Be polite. Calling out, sarcasm, interrupting or distracting noises are not acceptable behaviors.

    Pay attention to the person speaking and don"t interrupt... Raise your hand for a chance to talk.

    Please, no food allowed in the classroom, especially after lunch.

    Be prepared with a pencil, your sketch notebook and agenda, every day.

    Keep talking to a minimum...
                   focus on your work, it shows in the end results.
    Be prepared to learn something new or review and possibly share information you may have learned in the past concerning the assignment we may be working on.
    Absolutely no profanity, inappropriate or slang language is allowed.

    Be courteous and respectful of others, their belongings and their work at all times.

    Share all of our classroom"s art materials and put it back in its proper place if you used it.

    Keep all supplies as clean and fresh as you would like to work with. This means... Be respectful of the art materials in the classroom - you are to give them your attention and handle them with care.

    Do not be in a hurry to finish your work... yet you need to...
    Complete all assignments on time and to the best of your creative and technical ability.
    Please clean up after yourself. This means putting away all supplies after you have cleaned them (if necessary), follow the proper procedures for putting away the specific mediums (paint, pastels, etc),  washing or wiping down your table, making sure your name is on your work and that you are putting your work in the proper place, throwing (not literally) any garbage in the recycling/garbage can, then, when dismissed, pushing your chair in. Again, please clean up in a timely fashion and then either sit quietly or help the person next to you or across from you clean up when you are done.
    Be creative... within reason, and always appropriate.

    Print your name, grade, A/B day, period and primetime number on all of your artworks that you create. Make sure it is legible and a good size.

    Be a nice person.





Last Modified on July 16, 2009