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    Classroom Policies:                                                           Sunday, May 22, 2022

            ~complete sentences (unless told otherwise)
            ~use the following heading:


              Star Time:
          This is considered instructional time. On occasion, you will be given the 
           opportunity to complete homework; however, do not rely on this as a

          Aim Time:
          It is expected that you will stay for AIM Tuesday, Wednesday, and
          Thursday unless you have an appointment or AIM is cancelled due to

         Your agenda travels with you. You will be expected to write down
          homework assignments, test dates, and important information through-
          out the day and carry the agenda to and from school EVERY DAY (even if
          you have no homework).

         If you are absent, please call the school (874-8405) and ask for your teacher.
         You can be given your assignments over the phone so you don't fall too far

         Homework :
         You will be given assignments everyday except Friday. Homework is
          not given as busy work but to reinforce lessons. Homework is not generally
          assigned on Fridays or over breaks. Weekends are for families and the time
          should be set aside for family activities;however, if homework is not done
          on the day it is due, the assignment will be placed in your "Weekend
          Folder". The Friday folder will go home every Friday. Your parent or
          guardian will be expected to sign the folder every weekend whether you
          have work or not.

         You may check your grades on Star Portal anytime. If you do not know your
          access information, ask your teacher. Most of your work can be resubmitted
          (for English and Science) after you make corrections for a higher grade. You
          may also stay after to retake quizzes and tests.

Last Modified on October 7, 2009