• Race Unity Club

    Advised by Mr. Kresge

    Where: Room 355

    "Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color. Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable" - Anonymous

                 Race Unity and Diversity Club Mission Statement

    It is the primary goal of the Kenmore East Race Unity and Diversity Club to promote meaningful and practical understanding of differences among people regarding race, religion, gender, and physical or mental abilities.  This can be done through becoming aware and recognizing the contributions of people from all cultures and backgrounds to our incredibly unique American society. 

    The Race Unity and Diversity Club promotes this cultural awareness through providing leadership opportunities to students in educating others on cultural fluency.  Cultural fluency is a state of awareness that allows a person to react appropriately in new situations without prejudice.  It is important for everyone to see all cultures in an honest way.  We try to break the chains of prejudice and shed light on the darkness ignorance creates.

    Students of a minority background are highly encouraged to participate in Race Unity and Diversity Club however, all students are welcome to accept the responsibility of a student leadership role through participating in Race Unity Club.

    Here are some of the roles we anticipate fulfilling this year at Ken-East:
    1) Create cultural awareness showcases that positively present a different culture or background each month - it is the aim to find a student at Ken-East from, or intimately knowledgeable of, that culture to act as the "local expert"
    2)  Conducting the Black History Contest to be given in February to promote the contributions of Americans of African descent to our rich history
    3)  Participate in urban-suburban school exchanges to dialogue with students from schools with more diverse backgrounds than our own
    4)  Encourage participation in the Teachers Against Prejudice (TAP) Annual Essay contest - students are awarded prizes of U.S. Savings Bonds based on how well they write an essay, short story, script, or create a short video covering the issue of prejudice in America

    5)  Sponsor students from Race Unity Club and student government to participate in the annual Leadership Challenge Camp offered the last week of July at Fredonia College Lodge - We sent some of our finest students in July 2008 and they each stated how the camp was "the best school experience we've ever had!"
    Long Term Goals include:

     Providing in-class student-led presentations covering cultural awareness, dealing with social problems like bullying, harmful gossip and relational aggression (excluding of others from social circles), and other aspects of the high school experience.

    One day the Race Unity club will no longer be needed but, until then, we have to strive and work hard to combat all forms of racism, prejudice and promote unity. 

    The club will meet after school any day in Room 355.  Keep a look-out for announcements in the hallways regarding Race Unity and Diversity Club activities for the 2011-2012 school year.

    Please contact Mr. Kresge if you would like to participate or if you have any questions regarding upcoming events.