In the deadlift, the lifter only needs to lift the barbell from the floor to an upright position with shoulders back and arms straight.  As the bar is raised, it cannot stop moving upward and cannot be aided by a hitching or jerking body motion.  The bar can come in contact with the thighs but cannot be rested upon them to assist the lift.  The bar CANNOT be dropped from the standing position.  The lift is complete when the judge commands "down".

    -Failure for Deadlift-

    • Failure to reach a standing position with the shoulders back

    • Grossfoot movement

    • Resting and/or pausing the bar on the thighs

    • Hitching or jerking the weight up

    • A cease in movement upwards that results in a long pause

    • Beating the "down" command of the judge

    • The use of oil or lubricant material to aid the lift (to reduce friction on the thighs)