In the bench press, the competitor lays on his/her back on a custom designed bench and must raise the barbell from the chest straight up until both elbows are locked and arms are straight.  The lifter is allowed a hand off from the rack but after the lowering of the weight to the chest, the bar must pause in contact with the lifter's chest.  The judge will command "press".  As the bar is raised, it must remain relatively level (even extension) and hips must remain in contact with the bench.  Feet must remain on the floor with little or no movement and hooking the feet onto the bench is NOT allowed.  The lift is complete after the head judge commands "rack" and the barbell is returned to the rack.  Spotters are permitted to assist the lifter in returning the bar to the rack only after the "rack" command.

    -Failure for Bench-

    • Hips raise off the bench

    • Elbows do not lock to the straight arm position at relatively same time

    • Foot movement against the bench apparatus

    • Bar does not pause at the chest or does not touch the chest

    • Beating either the "press" or "rack" command

    • Bouncing the bar off the chest

    • Elbow do not lock or do not lock straight

    • Failure to return to the straight