• Powerlifting:
    General Meet Procedures


    -What is Powerlifting-

        Powerlifting is a test of strength and power.  The power lifts include the Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.  In a contest, these lifts are performed in the order given and as separate events.  Each contestant is allowed three attempts at each of the three lifts.  The heaviest "good" lift in each of the three lifts is totaled and the contestant with the highest total in each of the weight classes is declared the winner of that class.  In the case of a tied total, the contestant with the lesser body weight is awarded the higher place.

    -Meet Procedure-

        A contestant may not attempt a lesser weight than their opening weight in each of the three lifts or events.  Therefore, each contestant should start or "open" each of the events at a weight or poundage that they are sure they can successfully complete.  If a contestant fails all three attempts at the opening weight, they are eliminated from the contest (known as "bombing out").  Once a lifter succeeds at a weight, they may only attempt a greater weight for each of the remaining lifts.  A contestant is also allowed to forfeit or "pass" remaining attempts if they desire.  Points will be decided by the poundage of the highest successful lift of each of the three lifts.  Once a lifter "passes" a lift, the lift cannot be rescheduled.

    -Sub Total-

        Much of a lifter's strategy will be based on their Sub Total.  A sub total is merely the sum of the lifter's best squat and the best bench press.  The lifter then should compare their sub total the their rival lifters within the weight class to better determine their status in relation to other lifters.  Each lifter's best dead lift is then added to the sub total to attain the Total which is the deciding factor in determining place finishers.

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