• Join the Winners

    When: March 20th 2009

    Planning meetings will start in late February

    Kenmore East will hold its annual “Join the Winners” Night on Friday, March 20th, from 7-11pm. This is a yearly event where each class competes against the other classes in wild relay races, and crazy antics. The cost of admission is $6.00, but with the purchase of a t-shirt you can get in for $5.00. Class T-Shirts go on sale in all lunches, and you need a shirt in order to participate in the relay races. The color of the t-shirt goes along with your class, and cost an extra $5.00. White-seniors, Red-Juniors, Blue-Sophomores, and Yellow-Freshmen. The purchase of a T-Shirt is not necessary to attend but it is required to participate in relay competitions.

    The purpose of Join the Winners is to offer students a fun-filled night with the proceeds going to the Kids Escaping Drugs Telethon to benefit the W.N.Y. Renaissance House. This residential facility helps teens to end their dependence on drugs and alcohol. It also gives the youth the counseling and assistance they need to progress in their education and to develop life long positive behaviors and goals. Each year Kenmore East donates around $2,000.00 to Channel 2’s “Kids Escaping Drugs” Campaign for Renaissance House. Two Kenmore East students present the check at the telethon on tv, usually some time in April.

    The activities include relay race competitions between the classes and a best dressed t shirt contest.