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    1.  Students will follow all school computer room rules outline in the school calendar.

    2. Disks and/or jump drives will not be allowed in the classroom.  Violations will result in confiscation of the disk/jump drive.

    3. Students are not allowed to use the Internet unless they have school related research and the teacher’s permission.

    4. During hands-on demonstrations, students will follow classroom instructions.

    5. During lectures or while the teacher is giving directions, students will turn the computer monitor off as directed by the teacher.

    6. Shared work will result in a zero for all students involved and a call home to parents/guardians.

    7. Vandalism is prohibited and violations will result in temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges.

    8. Students must report unusual circumstances (problems, unusual files, screen, vandalism) regarding hardware and software to the teacher immediately.  This is a rule written to protect the student.
Last Modified on June 28, 2007