• This website will have some useful links for your year in the Geometry course.

    Geometry Book

    The website for your online Holt Geometry Textbook: //my.hrw.com/
    (This website needs to be opened using Microsoft Internet Explorer)
    The website for our weekly reviews: //www.castlelearning.com
    Click HERE for the 2012 Geometry course outline

    This is a great website to help you review by topics: Regents Prep for Geometry


    Are you struggling with geometric constructions? CLICK HERE for help!

    This website helps explain the Triangle Inequality Theorem: CLICK ME

    Study centroid, incenter, circumcenter, and orthocenter RIGHT HERE

    What did "Locus" mean? Use this website to help you review.

    Each link below provides a mini lesson on the major transformations. [Be sure to read the lesson notes on the right side of the page!]
    Click each name for a link to the website:
    Use this to help you review Rotational Symmetry:  HERE! 

Last Modified on May 23, 2012