• Design and Drawing for Production / DDP


    As Per NYS Department of Education: "Design and Drawing for Production (DDP) has been an approved course to meet the one unit of art/music requirement for graduation for all students" 


    This course follows the NYSED published curriculum guide for DDP, which affords all course completers the opportunity to satisfy the art/music/design graduation requirement and prepares all for continued PLTW and Tech Ed study.  Students participate in a wide-variety of classroom activities that involve the completion of design projects using both traditional and modern techniques.  Learning takes place through hands-on learning in the District’s updated prototyping labs.  DDP is a prerequisite for all other PLTW courses, but may also be taken as a stand-alone course.


    Note #1: May be taken to satisfy Art/Music requirement or as an elective.

    Note #2: College credit is possible for all PLTW courses through Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Erie CommunityCollege (ECC)

    Prerequisites: None

    Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11, 12

    40 Weeks - 1 Unit


Last Modified on March 12, 2018