• 10 Honors Summer Reading PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY Remember:  Failure to complete the summer reading means that you are not really serious about taking this class and your grade the first quarter will result in a failure. The blog will be open until midnight on Thursday, August 31st.  After that time, the blog will be shut down.  You do not have Friday, September 1st to work.  You must have all assignments completed by the 31st at midnight. *Start this assignment as soon as possible.  It is frustrating for people who want to have this completed in a timely fashion if there are no posts to comment on.  Therefore, avoid procrastinating until the end of the summer. *Do not post a comment as "Anonymous."  Use your blog name or else I won't know who you are.  You will need to re-post if this happens.   * Your comments will not appear until I approve them.  Therefore, only submit them once.  After I approve them, they will appear on the blog. * Make sure you answer the 2 questions posed for each assignment.  Number 1 will always ask you to refer back to the main page, but the second question for each assignment will always be different.  *Make sure your reactions are posted  in the correct spot, not under the assignments. *If you did not give me an index card with your name, group letter, email and blog name before you left school, you must email me this information before you begin the blog process or I will not know who you are, and therefore,  you will not receive credit. *If you have any questions throughout this process do not hesitate to email me.  I am more than willing to help you out; you just need to ask.  I will not accept excuses in September as to why your assignment was not complete if you failed to reach out.    *This assignment is worth 300 total points (25 points per response: 5 responses, 5 reactions to what others write and 50 points for the final reflection).  This will be your first grade of the first marking period.  Failure to complete this blog will be detrimental to your first quarter grade.  *The class has been divided into two groups.  You were placed in group A or B based on the the letter in the top right hand corner of your handout.  Make sure your responses fall under the correct letter.  Here are two helpful hints:(Paragraph breaks do not show up in your entries. You can add paragraph breaks by typing "/" in between two brackets "<" and ">". I can't write it without adding a paragraph break.] I don't know whether or not this has been fixed since last year, but  there were problems with the word "script" -- including when people wrote "description." If only a fraction of your post appears online, this may be the problem. As you read, you must answer the question posed to you under the five assignments along with using one of these suggestions. Evaluate the character's decision making skills and whether or not you believe Cochrane has created true representations of what it means to be human.  Are these characters realistic representations of real people? Reflect on how the story may relate to you or the society in which we live.  Draw on your own experiences and overall life experiences people deal with on a daily basis. Be sure to clarify your opinion using examples from the novel.React to the book as you're reading.  Do you love/dislike/can't stop reading this book?  Justify what makes you feel that way.Analyze what you feel Cochrane wants you, the reader to walk away thinking about.  Validate your opinion.  Group AGroup B Final Reflections
Last Modified on August 7, 2023