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    The labs that will be completed during the school year will be posted here for you to read, upload and print . You may find it useful to read the labs ahead of time.  Many students who read the lab ahead of time find that the labs take less time to complete, since they are familiar with the directions and can begin immediately after pre-lab discussion, instead of trying to figure out what's going on and who is going to complete what.  It is also more likely that you will make fewer or even no mistakes during the lab, which is also more time-efficient for your lab group. 
    When your lab group completes the assigned lab, any time remaining during class can be used to answer the lab questions or start your lab write up, which means less that you need to do outside of class.

    ** IMPORTANT ** Policies & Guidelines **
    1st Marking Period Labs
      Safety Lab
      Metrics Lab
    2nd Marking Period Labs
      Energy of Food
      Boyle's Law
      Chuck's Balloon
      Trends in the Periodic Table
      Tale of the Periodic Table
      Name that Compound
    3rd Marking Period Labs
        Ionic Formula Writing and Solubility Lab   
        Chemical Equations
        How much is a mole
        Chalk Activity (class)
        Hydrate Lab
        Conductivity Lab
        Fruit Loop Dot Diagrams (class)
        Molecular Models (class)
        Exploring Intramolecular Forces
        Solubility of a Salt
        Molarity of Kool-Aid (class)
        Ice Cream Lab (class)
    4th Marking Period Labs
        Missing Label Lab
        Rates of Reaction Lab
        Reaction Rates (class)
        Le Chatelier's Principle
        Acid Base Properties (class)
        Household Acids & Bases
        pH of an unknown (class)
        Redox Lab
        Electroplating (class)
        Organic Compounds & Molecular Models
        Condensation Procedure


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