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    Regents Chemistry Class
    This page will post the regents chemistry schedule. This is the basic outline of what will be covered in class each week.  If you are absent or missed class, this pages will be especially helpful to find out what you missed.  To find out what homework is due, you will need to click on the calendar link.
    **Changes or modifications in the schedule may be made at anytime at the instructor's discretion. 

    Mon, 9/1
    No School
    Tues, 9/2 Staff day
    Wed, 9/3 Syllabus, class policies, Intro to the elements
    Thurs, 9/4 Books, reference tables, PT puns
    Fri, 9/5 Class & Lab expectations, PT puns

    Mon, 9/8
    Sci. method, measurement, accuracy, precision
    Tues, 9/9
    Significant figures
    Wed, 9/10
    Math and Uncertainty, Percent Error
    Thurs, 9/11
    Problems using the Scientific Method (activity)
    Fri, 9/12
    Problems using the Scientific Method (activity)

    Mon, 9/15
    Temperature Conversions, Scientific Notation, Density
    Tues, 9/16
    Unit Conversions
    Wed, 9/17
    Thurs, 9/18
    All I need to Know (review)
    Fri, 9/19
    Intro to Chemistry - Unit Test

    Mon, 9/22
    History of the Model of the Atom             
    Tues, 9/23
    History of the Model of the Atom cont'd
    Wed, 9/24
    Atomic Particles (protons, neutrons and electrons)
    Thurs, 9/25
    Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass
    Fri, 9/26
    QUIZ on the History of the Atom, Average Atomic Mass

    Mon, 9/29
    Isotopes Activity                         
    Tues, 9/30
    Bohr's Model: Energy Levels, electron configurations, quanta
    Wed, 10/1
    Energy Levels, Light and Emission Spectra
    Thurs, 10/2
    Nuclear Chemistry - background & types of decay
    Fri, 10/3
    Nuclear Stability & Decay modes

    Mon, 10/6
    Natural Decay & Artificial Transmutation           
    Tues, 10/7
    Natural Decay & Artificial Transmutation Practice
    Wed, 10/8
    Half Life
    Thurs, 10/9
    Half Life
    Fri, 10/10
    Fission & Fusion   

    Mon, 10/13
    No School - Columbus Day
    Tues, 10/14
    Applications of Nuclear Chemistry- Nuclear Chem Project
    Wed, 10/15
    Nuclear Chem Project
    Thurs, 10/16
    Review of Atom & Nuclear for Test
    Fri, 10/17
    Atomic Structure and Nuclear Test

    Mon, 10/20
    Introduction to matter
    Tues, 10/21
    Particle Diagrams                                           
    Wed, 10/22
    Nuclear Chem Project Presentations
    Thurs, 10/23
    Separation of matter
    Fri, 10/24
    Staff Development Day

    Mon, 10/27
    Particle Diagrams Activity - Classification of Matter      
    Tues, 10/28
    Separation of Matter & Matter review so far  
    Wed, 10/29
    Chemical & Physical properties and changes
    Thurs, 10/30
    Phases of matter: Characteristics and phase changes
    Fri, 10/31
    Vapor Pressure and Intramolecular forces

    Mon, 11/3
    Vapor Pressure; Heat vs. Temperature
    Tues, 11/4
    Staff Development day
    Wed, 11/5
    Phase change Diagrams
    Thurs, 11/6
    Phase change Diagrams
    Fri, 11/7
    Heat and temperature with Calorimetry

    Mon, 11/10
    Calorimetry Practice                                
    Tues, 11/11
    Veteran's Day - no school
    Wed, 11/12
    Calorimetry Activity
    Thurs, 11/13
    Energy of Food
    Fri, 11/14
    Review for Matter & Energy Test

    Mon, 11/17
    Matter & Energy Test
    Tues, 11/18
    Gas Laws: Introduction: Kinetic Molecular Theory
    Wed, 11/19
    Gas Laws: Ideal vs. Real Gases, how to measure gases
    Thurs, 11/20
    Half Day - Combined Gas Laws
    Fri, 11/21
    Gas Laws                                              

    Mon, 11/24
    Gas Laws Practice
    Tues, 11/25
    Chuck's Law Balloon
    Wed, 11/26
    Gas Laws Big Quiz
    Thurs, 11/27
    Fri, 11/28

    Mon, 12/1
    Periodic Table - History of the Table
    Tues, 12/2
    Periodic Table - Groups and Periods on the Table
    Wed, 12/3
    Periodic Table - group project
    Thurs, 12/4
    Periodic Table - group project
    Fri, 12/5
    Periodic Table - group project                                             

    Mon, 12/8
    Periodic Table - writing formulas of compounds
    Tues, 12/9
    Periodic Table - group presentations
    Wed, 12/10
    Periodic Table - practice writing formulas
    Thurs, 12/11
    Periodic Table - Trends
    Fri, 12/12
    Periodic Table - Trends                                 

    Mon, 12/15
    Finish trends; review for the test
    Tues, 12/16
    All I need to know to pass the test worksheet and Review
    Wed, 12/17
    Periodic Table Test
    Thurs, 12/18
    Counting Atoms; Types of formulas, empirical & molecular formulas
    Fri, 12/19

    Mon, 12/22
    Tues, 12/23
    Empirical & Molecular Formulas, naming ionic compounds
    Wed, 12/24
    Winter Recess
    Thurs, 12/25
    Winter Recess
    Fri, 12/26
    Winter Recess

    Mon, 1/5
    Ionic Compounds: Naming and writing formulas
    Tues, 1/6
    Ionic Compounds: Naming and writing formulas
    Wed, 1/7
    Covalent Compounds: Naming and writing formulas
    Thurs, 1/8
    Acids: Naming and writing formulas
    Fri, 1/9
    Review of ALL: naming and writing formulas

    Mon, 1/12
    Quick review; Naming & Formula writing Quiz
    Tues, 1/13
    Chemical Equations; Conservation of mass in equations
    Wed, 1/14
    Coefficients & Balancing
    Thurs, 1/15
    Fri, 1/16
    Types of Chemical Reactions (Table J and F)

    Mon, 1/19
    Martin Luther King Day - No school
    Tues, 1/20
    Finding unknown reactants & products
    Wed, 1/21
    Types of Chemical Reactions & Unknown Parts in Equations
    Thurs, 1/22
    Review for Test
    Fri, 1/23
    Chemical Equations Test

    Mon, 1/26
    Silver A Bottle                                                
    Tues, 1/27
    Regents Exams
    Wed, 1/28
    Regents Exams
    Thurs, 1/29
    Regents Exams
    Fri, 1/30
    Regents Exams

    Mon, 2/2
    Moles and Gram Formula Mass               
    Tues, 2/3
    % composition and Hydrates
    Wed, 2/4
    Superintendent's Day
    Thurs, 2/5
    Mole/gram conversions
    Fri, 2/6
    Mole/gram conversions; Chalk Drawing & Moles

    Mon, 2/9
    Go over Midterm                    
    Tues, 2/10
    Molecular and Empirical Formulas          
    Wed, 2/11
    Mole Relations & Smores
    Thurs, 2/12
    Review for the Test
    Fri, 2/13
    Mole & Stoich Test

    Mon, 2/23
     Intro to chemical bonding & Dot diagrams                 
    Tues, 2/24
     Ionic Bonding
    Wed, 2/25
     Ionic Bonding
    Thurs, 2/26
     Metallic Bonding; Covalent Bonding
    Fri, 2/27
     Covalent Bonding dot diagrams

    Mon, 3/2
     Covalent Bonding dot diagrams and shapes       
    Tues, 3/3
     Molecular Shapes & polarity
    Wed, 3/4
    Bonding Re-Quiz; Covalent Bonding - Molecular Models Lab
    Thurs, 3/5
     Finish Molecular Models Lab; Begin Intermolecular Forces
    Fri, 3/6
     Intermolecular Forces

    Mon, 3/9
     Review for Bonding Test                                              
    Tues, 3/10
     Chemical Bonding Test
    Wed, 3/11
    Solutions: Introduction and Vocab
    Thurs, 3/12
    Reference Table F & Solubility
    Fri, 3/13
    Reference Table F & G - Solubility

    Mon, 3/16
    Concentration (Molarity, % Comp, ppm, dilutions)
    Tues, 3/17
    Wed, 3/18
    Concentration & Kool-Aid
    Thurs, 3/19
    Colligative Properties
    Fri, 3/20
    Solutions Quiz; Work on Poetic Chemistry Project

    Mon, 3/23
    Making Ice Cream the Chemistry Way!!
    Tues, 3/24
    Staff Development Day
    Wed, 3/25
    Review for Solutions  Test
    Thurs, 3/26
    Solutions Test
    Fri, 3/27
    Kinetics - Collision Theory and Rates of Reaction

    Mon, 3/30
    Kinetics - Rates of Reaction Activity                         
    Tues, 3/31
    Kinetics  - Potential Energy Diagrams                                         
    Wed, 4/1
    Kinetics  - PE Diagrams                                   
    Thurs, 4/2
    Kinetics  -  Equilibrium & Reversible Reactions                                   
    Fri, 4/3
    Kinetics  - PE Diagrams Quiz; Le Chatelier's Principles 

    Mon, 4/6
    Kinetics  - Le Chatelier's Principles                
    Tues, 4/7
    Kinetics   - Le Chatelier's Principles; Entropy                                 
    Wed, 4/8
    Review for Kinetics Test
    Thurs, 4/9
    Kinetics Test
    Fri, 4/10
    Good Friday: No School

    Mon, 4/20
    Acid Base Properties              
    Tues, 4/21
    Arrhenius Acid and Base Theories                              
    Wed, 4/22
    Naming Acids, Bases and Salts
    Thurs, 4/23
    Reactions with Acids and Bases (acid+metal & neutralization)
    Fri, 4/24
    Reactions, pH scale

    Mon, 4/27
    Indicators Activity             
    Tues, 4/28
    Indicators and pH scale                           
    Wed, 4/29
    Thurs, 4/30
    Titration & Dilution
    Fri, 5/1
    Acid Base Video & Review

    Mon, 5/4
    Acid Base - Review for Test             
    Tues, 5/5
    Acid Base Test                           
    Wed, 5/6
    Redox Intro & Oxidation Numbers
    Thurs, 5/7
    Half Reactions
    Fri, 5/8
    Half Reactions

    Mon, 5/11
    Writing Half Reactions          
    Tues, 5/12
    Voltaic Cells                        
    Wed, 5/13
    Electrolytic Cells
    Thurs, 5/14
    Practice with Voltaic and Electrolytic Cells
    Fri, 5/15
    Electroplating Lab
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