• Business Math

    Mrs. Dorigo &  Miss. Evans


    Business Math is a full year course designed to provide students with an excellent learning situation for practical day-to-day mathematical applications related to consumerism.  Topics will include:  payroll, basic tax information, investments and interest, credit, loans and banking, purchases and sales, insurance, probability, depreciation, financial statement analysis, and currency exchange rates.  Additionally, the course will address the impact of technology on consumers and provide students with a basic knowledge of spreadsheet software, formula creation and the use of other software applications such as tables and graphs.


    The course will build a solid foundation in the understanding of one’s own personal finance management, as well as advanced study in Business.   The course is also an excellent stepping-stone into accounting courses.  Lastly, if you are a Junior or Senior you may want to consider signing up for our Work Study class where you earn 1 ½ credits to work at your part-time job throughout the year (or we can help you find one)!




    Each student is an important member of the class and is expected to be in class, daily, on time and prepared to participate.  Tardiness will not be tolerated unless the student possesses an appropriately signed pass…this will be strictly enforced.  Any student who cuts class will receive a ZERO on any test or other graded activity given and/or collected on that particular day.  An appropriate level of discipline will also be assigned.


    Students are expected to bring the following to class each day:

    ·               Textbook & Workbook (JUMBO BOOK COVER for text)

    ·               Basic Calculator, pen & Pencil with an appropriate eraser (ex. mechanical pencil)

    ·               3-ring binder containing some loose leaf paper

    ·               1 pack of index cards and 1 pack of post-it notes

    ·               2 hi-liters of different colors

    ·               Student Agenda & ID – you will NOT be able to leave the classroom w/o these items

    ·               1 box of Kleenex or 1 bottle of hand sanitizer for classroom use


    Students will be given assigned seats.  The class environment will be consistently conducive to learning.  In order for all students to have an equal opportunity for success, it is vital that all students remain attentive during lessons. The idea of Respect & Responsibility will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to ask questions and are expected to actively participate in class discussions and activities. 



    Grades are a reflection of the student’s achievement on tests, quizzes, class activities, class participation, and the timely completion of textbook/workbook assignments (completed in class and at times, assigned for homework).  All of these elements will be considered when calculating a student’s total points received and they’re quarter grade.  Per district policy, the final exam will count for 1/5 of the course grade.  Note: Assignments and tests should be completed in pencil & are only graded if legible!


    Students are encouraged to seek additional help when necessary and must take responsibility to arrange for it.  When absent, students are expected to inquire about missed work and arrange with us to make it up.  Students and parents are urged to contact us if any questions and/or concerns should arise.  We can be reached at 874-8402 or Jennifer_Dorigo@ktufsd.org and Jessica_Evans@ktufsd.org

Last Modified on August 2, 2010