• AP Statistics
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    AP Exam: Thursday May 12th, 12:00PM
    (@ KE in the Gold Gym) 
    Mrs. Becker Rm-319




    2’ 3 ring binder

    Spiral Notebook
    Graphing Calculator(you can sign out a calculator with Mrs. Becker)

    Advanced Placement Statistics is a full-year course, designed to prepare students to take the AP Statistics examination and obtain college credit.  This course follows the recommended course outline of The College Board (//www.collegeboard.org/ap/statistics/).


    Statistics acquaints students with the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.  Students will frequently work on projects involving the hands-on gathering and analysis of real world data.  Ideas and computations presented in this course have immediate links and connections with actual events.  Computers and calculators will allow students to focus deeply on the concepts involved in statistics.


    Attendance Policy 

    Punctual attendance is expected and monitored. You are expected to be in your seat when the bell rings and have all your materials with you, you will not be permitted to go to your locker! Pick up any materials on the side table on your way into class and have any assignments due that day out on your desk!


    If you are absent from class, you will be responsible for requesting missed material, completing missed assignments and turning in assigned work for credit. 


    Any truancy (class cuts) from class will result in a write-up, phone call home and detention.  Graded work missed because of skipping will receive a grade of zero.



    Late Policy

    It is not acceptable to be late for class.  Detention is assigned to any student who arrives late to class without a pass.  If you have a legitimate reason for being late, you must provide a signature in your agenda from the faculty member involved with your tardiness.  I will follow up with it and check with that person.


    Grading system

    The overall system is one based on total points.

    Including: Tests, Quizzes, Homework and Participation


      Homework Policy
       All homework is to be done in you spiral notebook or on provided worksheets.

    Failure to complete homework on a regular basis could result in a phone call home.  Homework will not be accepted late!  If you are absent the day it is given you must see me the first day you are back  to school to make up the class work and any homework, if you are absent the day an assignment is due it must be turned in the day you return to school. 

    *Homework assignments will be posted on Mrs. Becker’s Calendar page on the district website.



    Other Things That Come Up…

    ·        Bathroom Tripsemergencies only! 

    ·        Food/Drink in class – Water only

    ·        CELL PHONE USE IS PROHIBITED.  Disciplinary action may include a verbal warning, I may keep the phone until the end of the period or day, or I may turn the phone in to the office, where a parent will need to retrieve it.


    ·        Music Lessons – before the bell rings copy that night’s homework assignment in your agenda and turn in the previous night’s homework to your teacher.  (You should have a copy of the lesson schedule in hand when you ask to attend that lesson.)

    ·        Field Trips – as stated on the form, you are responsible for handing in any assignments before you go on the field trip – you are also responsible for getting any missed assignments and completing them on time



    For success in this college level course, a very high level of achievement, motivation and self-discipline are expected! 
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