To receive this honor your average in German over the past 3 semesters has been 90% or higher, your overall average in all subjects is at least 85% and you exhibit strong sense of character and integrity. 

    Delta Epsilon Phi (DEP) was founded at  Coral Gables High School, Florida, in 1968 by Käthe Wilson, a devoted AATG member, who until her death remained active and supportive of this rapidly expanding organization.  The Kenmore East Chapter of DEP, the New York Gamma Eta Chapter was founded in 2001. 

    As a member of Delta Epsilon Phi you will be able to add this honor to your college applications as well as be recognized at graduation with a special honor cord. 



    The German Honor Society = Deutsche Ehrenverbindung


    Name of the Organization = Delta Epsilon Phi


    Name of the local chapter = New York Gamma Eta


    The purpose as listed in the Constitution of the organization:


    The purpose of this organization is to recognize high school scholastic achievement in the study of German and to promote interest in the study of German language, literature, and civilization.


    Classification: The organization is a national educational honorary society for the study of high school German and is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG).


    What kind of commitment does the sponsoring teacher expect of you?


    By becoming a member, you are committing yourself to:

    ·    an ongoing interest in the study of the German language and culture

    ·    the promotion of German study among younger/other students

    ·    an active commitment to support the German program at the school

    ·    the active presence and participation during the induction ceremonies

    ·    participation in German events as your schedule permits


    How can you benefit from your membership?

    ·    You have a sense of accomplishment since very few students actually meet the criteria to be inducted.

    ·    The knowledge that students studying a foreign language successfully have a real edge in scoring high on the SAT/ACT and being marketable in today’s global society.

    ·    Membership in an academic honor society can be beneficial when applying for college/university admission.

    ·    You have the privilege of wearing the DEP honor cord at graduation.

Last Modified on August 5, 2014