• Grading Procedures




    •      Students will be graded in PE for the FULL YEAR.  You will receive 4 quarterly grades and your final grade will be determined by averageing the 4 quarters.
    • If a student FAILS the FULL year, he or she will attend summer school.  Summer school is 6 WEEKS, 2 hours a day
    •  Daily grades are earned on a participation and effort basis, not necessarily on skill.

    Click to view the PE grading Rubric


          If a class is missed due to a legal absence or being unprepared, the class can be made up after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursdays in the gym. The students teacher will determine if the class can be made up for full credit or half credit. Swimming make up's are done in the pool on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the swim units.

    Legal Absence-Can make up for FULL credit
    -Dr's appointments with note from parent
    -Home sick with note from parent
    Illegal Absence- CANNOT MAKE UP
    Unprepared-Can make up for partial
    -Not changing for class, no note 
    School Functions
                   -Only allowed two per block
                   -More than two per block needs to be made up
    -Field trips
    -Music Lessons
    -Concert, Musical


    •      -All classes NOT made up will result in a zero.  Physical Education is graded based on participation.  Students must make up classes in order to receive credit.