• Kenmore East PHYS ED STAFF 




     Mrs. Farrugia    sfarrugia@ktufsd.org


    - High School graduated from: West Seneca East

    - Degree received from: SUNY Cortland

    - Hobbies/Interests:  Family, Friends, Bargain shopping, and exercising

    - Favorite Units: Volleyball, Racquet Games



    Mrs. Idzik- kidzik@ktufsd.org


    -High School graduated from: Kenmore West

    - Degree received from: SUNY Cortland


    - Collegiate athletics: Softball

    - Hobbies/Interests: Softball, Coaching, Swimming

    -Favorite Units: Racquet Games, Swim




    Mrs. Penetrante   ppenetrante@ktufsd.org

     Mrs. Penetrante

    - High School graduated from: Williamsville North

    - Degree received from: University of South Carolina

    - Collegiate athletics: Soccer (Fredonia)

    - Hobbies/Interests: Running, Family and Friends, Multi-tasking

    - Favorite Units: Girl's fitness/conditioning


     Mrs. Wolf   hwolf@ktufsd.org

     -High School graduated from:  Kenmore West
    - Degree Received From:  SUNY Brockport
    - Collegiate Athletics : Tennis
    -Hobbies:  Running, shopping, traveling
    Favorite Units:   

    Mr. Badgley     jbadgley@ktufsd.org


    -High School graduated from:Kenmore East High School

    - Degree received from: Canisius College

    - Collegiate athletics:  Football

    - Hobbies/Interests: Family, Golf, Coaching, Sports!!

    - Favorite Units: Floor Hockey, Football and Fitness



    Mrs. Zona   czona@ktufsd.org



    - High School graduated from: Niagara Wheatfield HS

    - Degree received from: Canisius College

    - Hobbies/Interests:   Working out, shopping, spending time with family and friends, traveling

    - Favorite Units: Fitness and racket games