• Course Descriptions

    Food and Nutrition (Foods I)
    You are what you eat!! Students will learn the true meaning
    of this statement as
     Fruit & Vegetables
    they will study basic nutrition and food
    preparation. This class includes food safety and sanitation,
    meal management, food purchasing, and basic food
     preparation techniques. "Hands-on" food labs include
    preparation of quick and yeast breads, fruits, vegetables,
     and pasta.
    prerequisites: none

    Food Preparation and Nutrition (Foods II)
    Students will build upon the prior information and activities
    from the Food and Nutrition (Foods I) class. Food labs will
    include preparation of meat and poultry, soups, salads,
    cakes, pastries, and seasonal specialties. Additional topics
     include food related illnesses and careers in the food industry.

    Culture and Foods (International Foods)
    This class explores foods from around the world and their influences.
    Each food lab will include cultures and traditions in these areas.
     The Food and Nutrition class (Foods I) is a prerequisite for this class.
    Sign-up for some terrific ethnic cuisine!

    Through this course, students will assess their eating habits and
    personal fitness routine. Nutritional practices relating to various
    Food Pyramid
    athletic sports will be discussed. The students will design their own
    personal plan for lifetime fitness. Food labs will include preparing
     healthy and nutritious foods and alternative diets.

    Child Development
    The different stages of development of infants, toddlers,

    preschoolers, and school age children will be studied.
    Students will learn about the physical, emotional,
    intellectual, and social development of all these ages
    and stages. Communication and care taking skills,
    along with discipline styles, will be explored.

    * For Juniors and Seniors, college credit is available through Villa Maria College.

    The objective of this course is to prepare students to become

    better parents in the future. Personal readiness for parenting,
    pregnancy and birth, and meeting family responsibilities will
    be explored. Students will practice their parenting skills/role
    with an infant simulator. This course satisfies the NYS
    Parenting Education requirement for graduation.

    Independent Living (Life After High School)

    Are you ready to be on your own? This course is designed to assist
    students to apply (and survive!) their first year of college. A
    variety of topics include applying for a job, bill paying, purchasing a
    car, and even planning a major event such as a wedding! Be
    prepared for life after graduation from Kenmore East!