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    A. Four units of English are required for graduation.  These units 
    may not include credit from courses in  Theater, Public Speaking, Journalism/School Newspaper, Creative Writing
     or Advanced Publications/Yearbook.
    B. Students may attain a 5-unit sequence in English.
    C. Students may attain a Regents sequence in Theater.



    The English Department is committed to providing students with the opportunities to develop essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to become confident and articulate communicators in society.


    Students in the required English courses will demonstrate the ability to analyze, evaluate, read for understanding and appreciation, and write with clarity and purpose.  Students will demonstrate the ability to work with others on class projects and a willingness to share ideas and resources in order to achieve success.  Students will also demonstrate the ability to communicate and understand each other’s ideas through written and verbal expression.  In addition, students in the required English courses will be evaluated through a variety of assessments, including traditional, authentic, and portfolio.


    The required English courses incorporate the Ken-Ton Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities through which the New York State Standards are achieved.