• 1) Can anyone try out for cheerleading?

    • Yes! Anyone, both male or female, can try out to become a Kenmore East Cheerleader.

    2) Do I have to know how to tumble?

    • Currently, tumbling is not mandatory for JV; however, a backhandspring is highly encouraged.
    • For Varsity, a round-off backhandspring is the standard to make the team; however, if you do not have tumbling, you should be exceptional in all other aspects scored at tryouts (i.e., jumps, motions, cheer, dance, & stunting ability).

    3) How often do you practice?

    • During Football season (August - October), both JV & Varsity teams practice one to two times a week, in addition to participating in one game a week.
    • During Basketball season (November - February), both JV & Varsity practice at least two times a week, in addition to participating in all home games (typically once a week starting in December).

    ** Please note: Attendance is mandatory for all practices & games throughout the season

    4) What do you have to do for tryouts?

    • Tryouts are held on two consecutive days, as follows:
      • Day 1 (Learning Day)Athletes will learn the tryout cheer & dance, proper jump & motion technique, basic stunting positions, & have the opportunity to show tumbling skills.
      • Day 2 (Actual Tryout Day) – Athletes will be required to perform the tryout cheer & dance, jumps, & tumbling (typically in groups of two) in front of a panel of judges. In order to be eligible for tryouts, all of the required paperwork must be turned in.

    5) When are competitions?

    • Fall Season This has historically been our non-competitive, or less-competitive season. However, beginning in Fall 2022, both JV & Varsity teams will be attending Game-Day competitions throughout the month of October.
    • Winter SeasonThis is our highly-competitive season & requires an increased time commitment from all athletes as both JV & Varsity teams attend between 3-5 competitions during Winter Season. Competitions begin at the end of January & are held throughout the end of February.
    • Competitions are typically held on Saturdays in the early morning/afternoon, but may also be held on weekday nights.

    ** It is not recommended that you schedule any vacations during these times.

    6) How can I prepare for tryouts?

    • We recommend that all interested athletes attend our open practice, open workouts, & open tumbling sessions that are held throughout the off-season. During these practices, we teach fundamental skills that are expected from all interested athletes.
    • All off-season information can be found within the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab on this website, on our Instagram page (@kenmoreeastcheer), & will also be communicated via email to all athletes that fill out our interest form for the upcoming season.
    • We encourage all interested athletes to stretch at home throughout the off-season & work on proper jump & motion techniques.