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    1. Can anyone try out for cheerleading?
       Yes. Anyone, both male or female, can try out to become a Kenmore East Cheerleader.
    2. Do I have to know how to tumble?
       Currently tumbling is not mandatory to tryout for the JV squad, though it is HIGHLY
       encouraged to have a backhandspring. You MUST be able to do a round off back handspring to tryout for VARSITY.
    3. How often do you practice?
       -During football season both squads practice two times a week, in addition to one game a week.
       -During basketball season both squads practice two times a week,in addition to home games only (one every other week) 
                               *** PRACTICES & GAMES ARE MANDATORY ***
    4. What do you have to do for try outs?
         Tryouts are a two day process. All cheerleading candidates are taught a cheer,a 
         dance, jumps and proper techniques. On the last day of tryouts, each of the required
         elements must be performed in front of judges. Tumbling must be demonstrated at
         tryouts as well. In order to try out, ALL of the required paperwork must be turned in.
    5. When are competitions?
         -Fall Season: We do not compete in fall season
        -Winter Season: Competitions begin at the end of January and go through the first
         weekend in March. Competitions are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays.
         It is NOT recommended that you schedule any vacations for February break, as that is
         the most important time for cheerleading competitions.