• 1 What are good manners?

       Give 3 examples of good manners.

      Why do people have good manners?

       What does having good manners show us about a person?

    2. What does it mean to be a “knight in shining armor?

        List 2 qualities of a “knight” and explain them.

      Why do you think this image is so powerful in our world today?

    3. The knights had a code of chivalry, which governed their behavior.(Not a question.)

       Why did the knights (powerful, rich, armed) need a code of conduct? 

       List 3 things that you think were on a knight’s code of conduct.

       Pick one and explain why it was a good idea.

    4. What does it mean to be a lady? (Today, not the middle ages.)

         How is it different from being a gentleman? 

         List at least 3 ways in which expectations for being a well-mannered man or woman is different in today's society based on a person's gender.


    5. Some of the rules of chivalry require a Knight to do something against his own best interests (attacking from behind, always telling the truth, putting your country/King/boss-lord before yourself.)

    What would you do that puts your own interest behind that of others? Explain why you would do that thing, even if it hurts you.


    5 a. (10 bonus points) 

    How much does being selfless or putting other before yourself show the quality of self-control? Reflect.

    Also, on a scale of 1-50, with 1 being most important and 50 being least important, how important is the quality of self-control in a candidate  to an employer in deciding whether or not to hire someone.


    6.  What is it like when someone “falls in love?”

    List three signs (changes in behavior, physical or emotional changes) that someone has “fallen in love.” Explain each one with some details.


    7.  Why is it important to be “cool”?

         How do people treat “cool” people differently? Explain.

    List 3 things that make someone cool.


    8.   List 3 of your favorite (or best) love songs.

    What makes a good love song?



Last Modified on January 30, 2020