• Cyrano Prompts 2019


    1. Do you think that people can get defined by their “flaws,” the physical or emotional qualities that make them different from other people?
      If so, how does this happen?
      In your response comment on how individuals both define themselves by their own flaws, and how others define them by those flaws.


    1. What rules should we enforce about how to behave in a public (shared) space?
      Do we have a responsibility to set a good example/not offend others in that space?


    1. What do you think of showing off?
      When is it cool?
      When is it obnoxious? Why are they different?


    1. How do you let people know who you are?
      (The way you dress, the way you talk, your car?)
      What are you saying? Is it important to you that people know this?



    1. Did you ever wish you were that person who always had just the right thing to say when someone insulted you?
      What do you think it would be like to always have a good comeback?


    1. How much do we judge people by their appearances?
      How much do you think you can tell how someone is “on the inside” by how they look “on the outside?”
      Give an example of what you mean.

    2. How plausible is it that Christian and Roxane fall in love at first sight? What do you think they “know” about each other, just by looking?

    3. How much is the “game” of dueling about controlling one’s anger?
      How much does Valvert’s fighting style undermined by his anger?
      How much is Cyrano’s freestyle poem an example of his self-control?
      Explain. (Also– relate to yourself.)

    4. Do you consider yourself an idealist?
      If so, what are the ideals that you hold to be important?
      If not, what is the basis of your value system?
      Also, what do you think is the opposite of idealism?

    5. How hard do you think it is for Cyrano to deal with his disappointment when he finds out that Roxane doesn’t love him? Should he hate her? Would you? If you really loved her, wouldn’t you want her to be happy, no matter what? If so, what should he do?

    6. When is “close enough” ok? Is it ok for Cyrano in helping Christian?
      Why do you think he thinks it is?
      Why wouldn’t it be?

    7. The fancy name for someone who goes out of his or her way to not be a follower is iconoclast. How are you an iconoclast? If not, why not?

    8. Sometimes, just saying how we feel is good for us, even though we know the person we say it to probably won’t react the way we want, or even listen. Why does it feel good “just to get things off of our chests?” Explain.

    9. So, how much do looks have to do with it?

      Could you love someone who was ugly?
      What would make it difficult?
      On the other hand, would it be hard to be so gorgeous that you could never really tell if people only loved you for your looks?
    10. How important is it to know that you tried your best?
      a. Give an example of how knowing you tried your best makes things seem less disappointing.
      b. Has Cyrano tried his best? Why or why not?
      c. De Guiche?

    11. Who are the enemies of your character?
      Pride? Anger? Compromise?
      Pick three of your main “enemies,” and then write a little rant on what you would say to one of them if you could tell them off.
Last Modified on March 8, 2019