• Cyrano Prompts 2020


    1. Do you think that people can get defined by their “flaws,” the physical or emotional qualities that make them different from other people?
      If so, how does this happen?
      In your response comment on how individuals both define themselves by their own flaws, and how others define them by those flaws.


    1. What do you think of showing off?
      When is it cool?
      When is it obnoxious? Why are they different? 

    2. How do you let people know who you are?
      (The way you dress, the way you talk, your car?)
      What are you saying? Is it important to you that people know this?

    3. Did you ever wish you were that person who always had just the right thing to say when someone insulted you?
      What do you think it would be like to always have a good comeback?
    4.  How much do we judge people by their appearances?
      How much do you think you can tell how someone is “on the inside” by how they look “on the outside?”
      Give an example of what you mean.

    1. How plausible is it that Christian and Roxane fall in love at first sight? What do you think they “know” about each other, just by looking?

    2. So, Cyrano’s closing of the play is totally outrageous; in one way, Cyrano lives up to the code of chivalry by doing things that are “huge—” big and outrageous and requiring a big personality. What does he gain by this over-the-top display?

      What have you done, or want to do that is “huge?” How would it feel to be doing things at this kind of level?

    3. How much is the “game” of dueling about controlling one’s anger? 

      How much does Valvert’s fighting style undermined by his anger?
      How much is Cyrano’s freestyle poem an example of his self-control?
      Explain. (Also– relate to yourself.)

    4. If you care for someone (a lot), would you do something to help them, even if it hurt you?

      What is the limit of what you would do?

      Not # 10 Reflection: Not a  Journal, more like an essay. (On separate paper.)

      Why should we live by a code?
      Is it so we can get along with others, or more so we can feel good about ourselves without their input? Maybe both? Explain where you stand on this.
      Also, reflect on what kind of outcomes you expect from having your own code– what  it will help you accomplish, and what kind of person you will be because you have one.

    5. Rageneau (Oregano) is a bit of a sucker—giving away free food to poets who flatter his own lame verse. BUT he’s happy– so, is it better to be deluded and happy, or wise and miserable?

Last Modified on February 28, 2020