• Course Syllabus

    English 12R

    Mr. Rigney


    Course Overview:

     The purpose of this class is to provide seniors a class in writing and reading in a differentiated environment. As such, the class will focus on reading and analyzing a wide variety of literature of all genres. Students will be expected to write and discuss critically.


    Grading System:

    Grades will be based on a combination of major essays, timed in-class writings, reading assignments,   class work, , quizzes, class participation (including blogs), literature assignments and the researched historical fiction paper.



    An end of the year, in-class exam will be given during the last week of school. All students must take the exam. The exam counts for 20% of the student’s entire grade.



    One focus of this class is developing writing skills that will be required in college. Some of the more important writing assignments include writing a college essay, a research based historical fiction paper, and thesis-based argumentative essays, as well as reflective writing of various lengths.


    Throughout the year, you will be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of a variety of tools a good writer has at his or her disposal: Style, tone, vocabulary, organization, sentence structure, logic, details and a variety of rhetorical devices.  For the most part my assessment of your development and control of these tools will be through commenting on successive drafts of your writing submitted to me either electronically or via hardcopy However, other assessments will also serve as benchmarks of your progress in these areas as well. I will also offer feedback through conferences (an after school requirement) and via email when necessary. Assessments and feedback are a necessary part of any class, but because your goal is to improve as a writer, it is fundamental that you look to this aspect of the work as crucial in your progress as a writer. Late assignments will not be accepted without a medical excuse or prior arrangement.



    Students will be reading several major works of literature, including but not limited to Othello, by William Shakespeare, Cyrano de Bergerac, by Edmond Rostand and a novel (to be determined later). Additional poems, short stories, non-fiction articles and excerpts from longer materials will also be studied.


    Researched Argument Paper

    Students will be expected to write a research based historical fiction paper that shows evidence of both research and original thought. The paper will follow the MLA format for citation.


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