July 2018 Superintendent Update

  • During the Ken-Ton School District Budget Vote and Board of Education Election on May 18, voters were asked to complete a short survey. They were asked to share their thoughts on the proposed 2018-19 spending plan, their reasons for voting as they did, and their overall opinion of the quality of education in Ken-Ton Schools. The survey provided some valuable insight into how voters feel about the school district.

    The district received overwhelming support for the 2018-19 budget, with 75 percent voting for the spending plan. For those who voted “yes,” reasons cited were that the budget meets the needs of students, the proposed spending and tax levy increase were reasonable, and general support for education.

    When asked to rate the overall quality of the education provided by Ken-Ton Schools, voters gave the district high marks: 45 percent assigned the district an “A” grade and 43 percent assigned the district a “B” grade. Also, 84 percent rated the value per dollar spent on education as “Excellent” or “Good.” Of those surveyed, 85 percent rated the leadership of the Board of Education as “Excellent” or “Good”; for district administration, it was 83 percent.

    The survey results also reflected some interesting information about the demographics of those who voted. There was a mix of age groups represented, the smallest being the age 18-29 demographic. Town residents accounted for 81 percent of respondents, and 63 percent reported coming from two-income families while 18 percent were retired or on a fixed income. Only 35 percent were themselves graduates of the Ken-Ton School District, while only 40 percent had children currently enrolled in Ken-Ton Schools. For us, this underscores the importance of connecting with the greater Ken-Ton community -- those who are not parents or guardians of students but are vital stakeholders as taxpayers and community members.

    You can find the full responses on our website at www.ktufsd.org under “District Announcements.” Though the responses were favorable overall, some respondents had differing views, and we appreciate their feedback just the same. We always strive to improve and ensure that everything we are doing is in the best interest of students.

    As we look forward to the 2018-19 school year, which will mark the very first year of our collaborative five-year strategic plan entitled Ken-Ton Forward, the school district is extremely fortunate to have a solid foundation and the strong support of our community. We will continue to look for opportunities to collaborate and collect feedback which helps us better understand the values and beliefs of our stakeholders.

     Stephen Bovino,
    Superintendent of Schools