Theater I



    Welcome to Theater 1 !  I am thoroughly excited to share this year with you as you learn many new skills and information that you will carry with you and use not only in theater, but in life.  The following is an outline of what you can expect from your year in Theater 1.


    In Theater 1, you will learn various things, including how to create, perform and participate in the arts, using arts materials and resources, responding to and analyzing works of art, and understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts.


    Units of Study:

    We will study various units in this course, including, but not limited to the following:


    Sensory awareness and movement                        

    Classical theatre and drama                                                Spontaneity

    Narrative                                                                    Characterization

    Stage movement and focus                                    
    Italian Renaissance theatre/drama
    Open scripts                                                              
    Basic monologues
    Shakespeare’s theatre and drama
    Principles of costume design   
    Literary monologues
    Modern Theatre                                                         
    Basic dramatic structure


    Supplies:  Please have a folder separate for Theater materials and notes.  You will also need paper, writing utensils, and a separate manila file folder.

    Grading Procedures:

    You will be graded on various things, including improv performances, monologue and scene performances, attendance, reviews, participation, preparedness, etc.


    Your quarterly grade will be broken down to equal the following percentages:


    Attendance/Participation: 20-30%

    Performances/Projects: 40-50%

    Quizzes: 20%

    Review: 10%



    Attendance is critical to earning a satisfactory grade.  You must make up all work missed on the day that you return.  Assignments that are due on the day you come back may be handed in the next day.  Graded class work that is missed will require you to stay after school to make up that work.  If you miss a test you must make it up the next day on a free period, or after school.  If you are absent for an extended amount of time due to illness please call the school (874-8401) so we can send work home for you.  Please remember that in Theater, others rely on you when you have group performances and these are major grades.  It may seriously injure your grade if you are absent on the day you are scheduled to perform, depending on the circumstances.


    MAKE UPS: 

    All work will be located in your class period tray.  If you are absent, please check the tray to see if any of the papers have your name on them. 



    Please don’t be late.  If something happens and you are late, please come in quietly and join the class right away.  We will discuss why you are late at a more appropriate time.  If you are late more than twice without a pass, that will result in disciplinary measures. 



    Skipping will result in a detention where required work is made up.  You will receive a loss of 2 points on your quarter grade for each skip.  Chronic tardiness and skipping will result in an alternative assignment that consists of writing a fully researched research paper on the current topic being studied to make up for missing class work.


                                               Have a great year!!!!


Last Modified on September 7, 2010