January 2018 Superintendent Update

  • Over the next three months, staff will be working hard to finalize the 2018-19 school year budget. Budget planning is a comprehensive process that takes into account a multitude of factors that will impact expenses and revenue projections for the coming year.

    The process begins in October with the adoption of a budget calendar. We start with the current school year’s budget as a foundation and adjust expenses we know will increase such as salaries, health insurance, and state retirement contributions. Starting in November, we begin looking closely at enrollment projections which impact staffing levels. We continue to update enrollment projections throughout the budget development process.

    In December and January, meetings take place with department leaders to identify potential additions and subtractions for the coming year. Additions might be new opportunities that will benefit students, and subtractions might be expenses that are no longer needed. Any new expenses are scrutinized to ensure they are fiscally responsible and in the best interest of students, and staff are always looking at ways to increase efficiencies and identify savings.

    Also in January, the district’s five-year financial plan is updated and presented to the Board of Education. This is an important document that plays a major role in budget planning, allowing us to have a clearer picture of how today’s decisions can affect our financial health in the future. Soon, the district will also have a long-range Strategic Plan as part of the Ken-Ton Forward strategic planning process. This will identify district priorities and provide a stakeholder-driven plan for allocating resources in the most meaningful and impactful ways possible.

    The draft budget will be presented and discussed at budget work sessions scheduled for February 6, March 6 and March 27. During this time, the Governor and State Legislature will be finalizing the New York State budget and we will begin to have a clearer picture of how state aid will change next year. This is a major factor that has a significant impact on revenue.

    By April 10, a budget is scheduled to be finalized and presented to the Board. This is the budget which will be formally presented to voters at the Budget Hearing on May 8, followed by the Budge Vote on May 15.

    All stakeholders are encouraged to attend and ask questions at the budget work sessions and Budget Hearing, and to learn about the budget and vote on May 15.

    Stephen Bovino,
    Superintendent of Schools