• Classroom Information

    Topics covered:
    Matter and Energy, Atomic Structure,the Periodic Table, Mathematics of Chemistry, Kinetics and Equilibrium, Electrochemistry (Redox), Nuclear Chemistry, Acids and Bases and Organic Chemistry.    

    Materials Needed:

    3 ring binder with pockets and paper
    pencil, black or blue pen
    4 function simple calculator (Graphing calculators are not NOT allowed)
    lab folder for lab
    Prentice Hall review book
    Grading Policy: 

    Your Overall Grade for this course is the average of your four quarters and the final exam (NYS Regents Exam) each representing 20%.

    Quarter grades are determined as follows:

    Tests: 50%   are typically given 2-3 days notice. All tests are cumulative.

    Quizzes: 20% are a reflection of homework and may be unannounced. 

    Lab assignments:  20% 

    Homework/Participation: 10% includes attendance, preparedness, various types of assignments (ie. Castle Learning, video lessons, vocab, learning guides, etc), group activities, projects, & papers.


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  • Lab

    To be eligible to take the Exam, you must successfully complete 1200 minutes of laboratory work with acceptable lab reports turned in. Attendance is critical. If you are absent for a lab, you need to make arrangements with me to make up the lab as soon as possible.

    Lab Safety Rules & Contract

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  • Vocabulary Quizlets

    Vocabulary Quizlets (click on to access)

    Chem Vocab Packet 

    note: terms may not necessarily be in the order presented or in the same topic chapter of your Prentice Hall book.


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  • Castle Learning (Extra Credit)

    Castle Learning Corrections (Extra Credit)


    (Your user name for castle learning is kenton.followed by the first three letters of your first name and then your entire last name. You choose your own password. If you cannot remember it, ask your teacher to reset it)

    Directions for Castle Assignments:

    ⇒Corrections are to be completed on clean separate paper with your name, class period, date and the title of the assigment.

    ⇒ Corrections are due no later than the day of your assignment (you can always turn them in ahead of time)

    ⇒Corrections are required for EVERY question missed on the FIRST attempt for full credit on your second attempt.

    Failure to do corrections per the directions will disqualify you for full credit on your second attempt. 

    Complete each correction BEFORE moving on to the next questions - you can't go back. See format below:

    1. Write out the question # & the question/diagram (if applicable)    

    2. Write out the correct answer choice (not the letter/# but the actual words)   

    3. Write out the REASON provided by Castle for the correct choice.


    ◊Corrections should be submitted at the beginning of class on/before the day the assignment is due

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  • Behaviors that lead to success

    • bringing your calculator each day to Chemistry
    • writing your assignments in your agenda
    • asking questions
    • listening and taking additional notes in your learning guides
    • making up work immediately after being absent
    • not wasting time in lab and handing the lab report in immediately
    • coming in after school for additional help
    • buying a review book for self-study
    • watching and modeling the behaviors of successful students
    • doing the assigned textbook readings
    • never copy homework!
    • struggling with a problem and not giving up (chemistry questions require careful thought)
    • studying for tests more than one night before the test
    • if you are tired, adjusting your bedtime
    • being cheerful...others will help you if you are stuck
    • not scheduling appointments during Chemistry lab and class. Attendance is everything!
    • taking advantage of review classes after Spring vacation
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