• This year, Kenmore West has a number of 12th Graders serving as unpaid interns throughout the community. Each is learning about a career for which he or she has expressed an interest. They spend time outside of their school day at their internship site, and will work there for over 50 hours before the end of the semester. Here are a few of their stories... 


    Vlera is having an incredible experience helping refugees get resettled in America. While doing this work, she is meeting interpreters and many others in a variety of humanitarian careers.
    Vlera Award
    Vlera Speech  

    Lesley's mentor is a local musician who is showing her some of the career options that exist for performing musicians in Western New York.

    Juan is completing his internship at a local orthodontics office. He's learning about all that it takes to work in this field.

    Julia is interested in childhood psychology and is spending time working with a school counselor in a Ken-Ton elementary school.
    Dominic is exploring the various skills necessary in the world of accounting. He helped organize debit and credit card receipts for local charter schools.Dominic
    Jackson is experiencing his dream internship at UB Neurosurgery. He works closely with the neurosurgeon who examines patients in need of surgery. This is helping him determine his future career path.
    Pat is spending time working with various Town of Tonawanda Parks employees learning about a variety of business-related careers.Pat
    Fatimah is having a great internship experience with a respected physical therapists in Tonawanda. She is learning the importance of communication as a physical therapist.
    Christina is an intern at a local urgent care facility. She's working directly with doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals.Christina
    Jacob is having a great internship experience with a national transportation company. He's spending time with people who work in and around the railroad industry.
    Madi has an interest in pediatric nursing, and is completing her internship at a nearby facility that focuses on urgent care for children.Madi
    Hannah is learning about careers in law while spending time with a local attorney.
    Charlotte is exploring various medical careers while serving as an intern at a suburban urgent care facility. Charlotte
    Ariauna has spent her internship hours at a local pediatrician's office where she has learned what it might be like to be a nurse.
    Emerald is spending time at a studio learning about photography and graphic design careers.Emerald
    Emily (2nd from left)
    Emily is learning about various business-related careers by shadowing various professionals within a local Department of Parks & Recreation.
    Emma is working closely with an ER doctor at a local hospital. She's learning about various medical careers.Emma
    Kiana is at Paddock Chevrolet, interning with their director of production. She is learning about all that is involved with advertising, promotional videos, and marketing in general.
    Moe is having a great time learning about careers within the physical therapy field.Moe
    Jimmy is spending a lot of time with a local manufacturing firm where he's learning about careers in Information Technology.
    John is an intern with a locally owned and operated television station. He has been learning about various careers in and around the entertainment field.
    John posed
    John in action
    Hannah is learning about careers in the medical field by interning at a local emergency care facility.
    Amelia is seeing what it might be like to be a graphic designer by spending time at ZoomCopy in Buffalo.Amelia
    Alexis goes to a pediatric urgent care facility where she's helping out while learning about careers in health care.
    Patrick is learning from a highly-respected team of local physical therapists as he begins his career path.Patrick
    Emily is spending time with a nearby barn manager learning about careers that center around horses.
    Faith is learning about all that is involved in the nursing field while helping out at a local urgent care facility.Faith
    Will has been going to a Ken-Ton middle school to see what it's really like to be an English teacher.
    Tamara is regularly visiting a local dental practice where she is spending time learning about dental careers from the dentist and other professionals on his staff. Tamara
    Lauren is learning about careers in web design and graphic design, while she interns with a local division of a multimedia company.
    Chris is an intern with a local college where he's learning about sports-related careers.Chris
    Rachel has been spending time with the vice president of a national firm of financial professionals. She has learned a great deal about the world of business and finance.
Last Modified on June 5, 2017