Yes, there is an app but it costs money… you can do exercises without registering.

    This website can help you become more knowledgeable about note names, spelling and location of notes, note names and with accidentals. Remember... only two theory assignments may be accepted each quarter. Please check with Mrs. Fryer before handing in any written theory assignments.

    Go to the website:           www.MusicTheory.net

    Under the lessons tab review any information you feel you are uncertain about.  

    You will be doing exercises in identification section (note or key signature).  If you are more advanced, use the construction section (key signatures and notes).

    Go to the exercises tab and click options (the gear right top).

    From drop down menu….

    Choose the exercises you want to do

    Begin testing your knowledge:

                    40 questions= 1 extra credit point

                    80 questions= make up lesson, strive for 85 or higher!

                    200 questions=make up for a concert

    *********You must score 85 or above to receive credit************

    Make sure your testing yourself at your skill level!

    Take a screen shot OR picture from your smartphone or save to your drive or flash and send it to me via e mail: Kfryer@ktufsd.org


Last Modified on March 14, 2018