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    Teacher Name:


    Beth DeLano

    Marissa Felser





    Telephone Number Extension:


    (716) 874-8401 (Extension:  21171)

    Course Name:


    English 10 Regents

    Extended Learning /

    Extra Help Opportunities:

    Monday - Thursday (2:40-3:15PM)


    Final Examination Date:




    Course Description:


    This course continues the development of language skills – grammar and usage, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and effective library usage. Special emphasis is placed upon refining writing skills. Students will also have the opportunity to develop oral skills in panel discussions, interpretation, and individual reports. Literature includes a play by Shakespeare, modern plays, two novels, biography and autobiography, poems, essays, and a variety of short stories. Students do research and write a properly documented essay as a major component of their grade. Instruction in the use of the library continues. 40 Weeks 1 Unit Examination: Local




    Course Objectives:

    English 10 will be comprised of reading and writing in various mediums and forms. We will focus on various genres of literature including short stories, film, novel, plays, poetry and other non-fiction informational texts. We will incorporate all of the Common Core Learning Standards for English throughout the year, including: Shift 1 Balancing Informational & Literary Texts Shift 2 Knowledge in the Disciplines Shift 3 Staircase of Complexity Shift 4 Text-based Answers Shift 5 Writing from Sources Shift 6 Academic Vocabulary



    Units of Study:


    Common Core Modules





    Academic Expectations:

    All students are expected to strive for Mastery level learning (85% or higher) in all of their courses and on all of their examinations.


    The New York State Education Department benchmark for College and Career Readiness is:

    • A score of 75% or higher on the English Language Arts Regents Examinations and
    • A score of 80% or higher on one of the Regents Mathematics Examinations


    Required Text / Materials:



    Homework Policy:


    Homework is due by the beginning of the class and will be penalized by 10% for each day it is late. Students are expected to complete assignments within one day of returning from absence.


    Grading Policy:


    Grading is based on a cumulative points system. We use the Infinite Campus grading portal. Both students and parents are encouraged to check the portal often to stay on top of grades.



    Academic Misconduct (Ken-Ton Project Save School Conduct and Discipline District Policy, 2016):

    Examples of academic misconduct include, but are not limited to:

    1. Plagiarism: The representation of ideas or work of another person as the student’s own.

    2. Cheating.

    3. Copying.

    4. Collusion: Supporting malpractice by another student, as in allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for assessment by another.*

    5. Altering records.

    6. Accessing other users email accounts or network storage accounts and/or attempting to read, delete, copy, modify, and interfere with the transferring and receiving of electronic communications.

    7. Violation of the District Acceptable Use Policy for technology.

    8. Assisting another student in any of the above actions.

    *Collaboration is “working together on a common aim with shared information.” Teachers will make clear when and to what extent collaboration is acceptable on a given assignment.



    Methods of Communication:


    The easiest and quickest way to communicate is through email as both of us teach throughout the day.



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