•  UPDATE: 8/16/17
    Wow! Lots of you are getting in your posts now that it's deadline time.  Many thoughtful responses...and certainly now it makes it easier to write a response-post.  The site will be kept open for the few stragglers that need another day or two. 
    A final reflection/application assignment will be posted on August 19th, and you should complete it sometime between August 20th and the start of school on Mr. Rigney's school web page. Thank you. 
    Mrs. Lee’s AP English Language and Composition Summer Reading Assignment July 2017
    Good morning! The AP Lang Blog is open (click on Blink A in left column of my school webpage).  Even if you did not begin your entries by July 11th, start now.  Due to some confusion, it is more important that you read one of the books and post than have started in July.  You have until August 16th to pace yourself accordingly with the remaining seven posts (but no more than one entry per day).  
    GROUP A = Mrs. Lee's webpage    GROUP B = Mr. Rigney's webpage. GROUP C = Mr. Rigney's webpage (Note: the summer blogging group you are in is a random selection of all AP Language students and has no bearing on which class you are enrolled in for the fall.)
    Breakdown of blog postings:  
    WHAT THE DOG SAW Blog Posting 1: Part One;  Posting 2:  Part Two to p 199;  Blog Posting 3:  end Part Two;   Blog Posting 4:  Part Three  
    QUIET Blog Posting 1: Introduction & Part One Blog Posting 2: Part Two Blog Posting 3: Part Three Blog Posting 4: Part Four & Conclusion
    Sincerely, Mrs. Lee and Mr. Rigney Clee @ ktufsd.org Jrigney @ktufsd.org
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