• Blue Devils JV Club Hockey


    The Blue Devils JV Hockey team plays in WNYHSCHL club league. 


    The WNYHSCHL JV league is open to 8th, 9th, and 10th graders.


    • To eligible to play, 8th graders must pass 4 out of 5 elements of the Physical Fitness Test component of the Athletic Placement Process (APP) given by the WNYHSCHL. 


    Season starts late October and could run through the beginning of March.


    The team plays around 18 regular season games. Season starts November 13. 


    Every team makes the playoffs, starting early February. 


    All home games are Wednesday nights from 8:10-9:40 at Lincoln Arena.


    There are JV States if the team qualifies.


    Since JV club hockey is not a recognized district sport. There is a cost to play.


    • Costs cover………….

    1. WNYHSCHL Fees (Game ice and referee fees)

    2. Practice Ice

    3. Trainer for home games

    If you have any questions contact Matt Newman at newmanhockey716@gmail.com or Jereme Wilson at wilsonj0092@gmail.com


Last Modified on September 12, 2018