JRS Julianna R. Sciolino Director of Technology & Curricular Innovations

    Contact: x20305

    Julianna started with KTS in May 2016 and is a passionate 20 year Ed Tech Leader devoted to getting technology into the hands of students to create innovative ideas.  She is devoted to planning quality professional development, educational leadership, team collaboration and developing strong customer service programs. She is excited to be in a district that is committed to transforming education through technology and plans on building KTUFSD into the ed-tech hub of WNY.

    IM Iann Miller, Systems Engineer


    Iann started with KTS in Summer 2016. He has a broad range of talents in the IT field, including Networking, Systems, and Virtualization & will be primarily focused on overhauling our infrastructure as well as supporting a customer service focused technical team. He has previously worked with a variety of instructional professionals to support educational initiatives and is looking forward to increasing technical capacity for all campus employees.


    Ken Chandler  


    Ken has done a multitude of support over his years of experience. He is primary responsible for assessing inventory and status of workable machines as well as our point of entry on all que center work order assignments and communication. He is a wealth of knowledge and can be called for any building technical concern.


    Brandon Chiarmonte  

    Brandon engineers our google domain and delivers support and training for all things ‘google’.  He is an expert at PLTW software and equipment as well as R&D for future software and equipment procurements and overall technical support.

    Christopher Galik

    Chris is our Apple & iPad expert as well as a major player in our wireless infrastructure. He does all construction for apple/ipad deployments, and mobile device management.  He delivers training on iPad use and general tech support for other district equipment as well.

    Colleen McGroder

    Colleen is the primary department administrative support as well as the illustrious ‘Voice of Ken-ton’.  She also does phone support as well as phone configurations, google accounts, Infinite Campus and all of our business office and correspondence.

    JoAnn Mendola

    JoAnn is our primary Infinite Campus guru as well as creating accounts & training and works directly with the central registration and CIO reporting.  She also maintains our district records management, monitoring and adjusting lightspeed internet filtering . She is a wealth of knowledge on all things related to tech in the district.

    Jared Santas  

    Jared is our help desk primary support, phone configurations and troubleshooting. He troubleshoots incidents as well as writes programs to achieve customized requests. He is often setting up BOE meeting presentations and audio equipment as well as climbing in walls for hard to reach wiring projects.

    Mike Shovlin 

    Mike’s expertise lies in research, supporting and engineering our AV technologies, auditorium setups, wiring and recommendations for placements as well as general technical support.

    Bill Steffen

    Bill specializes in imaging the thousands of computers that KTUFSD supports.  He is available for software procurements and installations, troubleshooting, google groups and implementation/training and network accounts in addition to general technical support.

    Bruce Zeller  

     Bruce is our wiring, server racks, room layout & asbestos expert. His recommendations are based on years of construction and wiring expertise and includes perspective on what is best for our classrooms balanced with our building constraints. Bruce also support technical support and training.