• Some fun ways to time yourself:
    -Use a stopwatch or kitchen timer.
    -Use a post-it or index card for a book mark~Record the time you start and the time you end on the bookmark.
     -Write the digital time you begin and time you end.  Find the elapsed time.
    -Compete against someone in your house.  Both start reading at the same time and see who can read the longest before they check the time!
     Ideas for getting enough steps (especially over breaks):
    -Practicing sight words can count towards a step (or two).  *You can use the words on the back of your child's skills card in addition to words on sight word rings.  Make practicing sight words fun by creating a game:
    Go Fish (create multiple copies of sight words and play as you usually would, looking for pairs)
    Memory/Concentration (2 copies of each word, flip the cards over and take turns finding pairs)
    My Pile, Your Pile- Give your child 5 seconds to read the word.  If read correctly, the child gets it, if incorrect then you take the card.  The player with the larger pile wins.
    Write the words on dry erase, chalkboard, with marker, gel pen, bingo dabber- anything different that seems more "fun" than paper and pencil.
    -Use the skills card:The skills card as a lot of information about the skills your child is currently working on.  There are comprehension strategies (ask and answer questions about the story) as well as word patterns the students can practice.  
    -Visit the local library- Listen to your child read a page from the book before taking it out.  There should be 98-100% accuracy to be "just right." You can also take out books to read to your child. 
    -Visit my reading, spelling, science or social studies links.
    -Go to Barnes and Noble- They have a section of books that are leveled by American Reading level.
    -Get free e-books by visiting //www.americanreadingathome.com/bookshelf/
    -Read comics or find a good graphic novel at the Library
    -Find a "hook book" or author you like, then read as many books as you can by that author (ex. Judy Moody, Biscuit, Fly Guy)