• Reading Other Stuff

    When you read an article from a magazine, you should reflect on three different areas, what it says, how it says it and what do you think? Use this sheet to guide your attention, but please, please, please (yes, that’s a tricolon) don’t feel the need to “complete” it, because that would just give you another reason to hate reading forever

    What it says

    Who is the author? (Where do they come from? Why should you read this?)


    What’s the topic?



    What’s the slant?



    What’s the thesis?



    List the main points or examples.







    What does the author want us to do or think?





    How it says it

                How does the author draw us in?



                Give an example of an effective use of language:



                Give an example of an effective rhetorical strategy (parallelism, juxtaposition, lists, etc.):



                Write down your favorite sentence from the piece:



    What you think:

                Are you convinced? Why do you feel that way?



                Can you relate this to anything else you are reading? If so, what?



                What related ideas does it inspire? Document them below




                Space for freeform ranting/reflection (feel free to let it spill into page 3):



Last Modified on December 10, 2015