• This semester, Kenmore West has a number of 12th Graders serving as unpaid interns throughout the community. Each is learning about a career for which he or she has expressed an interest. They spend time outside of their school day at their internship site, and will work there for over 50 hours before the end of the semester. Here are a few of their stories... 
    Quinton is having a great internship experience working at a national transportation company. He's learning about careers in and around the railroad industry.
    Ethan is an intern at an animal hospital in North Tonawanda where he's learning about careers in veterinary medicine.
    Heng is learning about careers in business, finance, and investing. His mentor is a vice president of a large financial advising firm and is a Kenmore-Tonawanda graduate.Heng

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    Anthony is completing his internship at one of the premier high-end steak houses in Western New York. He is learning about careers within the food and hospitality industry.
    Ryan is learning about the various careers that are available at the zoo.Ryan

    Lucas is interning with a local manufacturing/ engineering company. He is able to see first-hand how the skills he's learning at Kenmore West apply to careers in engineering.
    Jason is interning at a local Kenmore pharmacy, where he is able to work closely with the owner and other pharmacists in order to better understand careers in pharmacy.Jason
    Mary is learning about careers in the medical field. Under the supervision of her mentor, she is observing patient-caregiver interactions.
    Jimmy is an intern with a WNY branch of a state agency that helps to protect the environment. He is learning about various careers that involve environmental issues.Jimmy
    Jordan is learning what it's like to be a kindergarten teacher at a Ken-Ton elementary school.
    Ryann is doing her internship with a local healthcare center where she is learning what it might be like to be a doctor or a nurse.Ryann
    Maeve is at a local aquarium learning about various careers that involve marine life.
    Aaron is learning what it might be like to have a career as an electrical engineer. He is having a great experience at a WNY manufacturing / engineering company.Aaron
    Alysa is working with an amazing Ken-Ton kindergarten teacher to learn more about careers in elementary education.
    Bianca is learning about health care professions at a local urgent care facility. Bianca
     Anna Anna is having a great internship experience with a respected physical therapists in Tonawanda.
    Caitlyn is leaning about elementary education with a great teacher in a Ken-Ton classroom. Caitlyn
    Jordan is at a Ken-Ton elementary school seeing what it's really like to be a music teacher.
    Jacqueline is an intern at a WNY healthcare facility where she is learning about a variety of medical professions.  Jackie
     Adriana Adriana is interning with a local Veterinarian. She plans to pursue a career in medicine after high school.
    Erica is having a very informative internship experience. She is learning about a career as a school counselor by spending time at a Ken-Ton elementary school and visiting other Ken-Ton schools as well.Erica
Last Modified on May 18, 2016