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    You are expected to be attentive and respectful. That’s it. We live by one rule in this class; the rule is: Treat me the way that you wish to be treated. Therefore, if you wish to be treated with respect, treat me with respect.

    *Please note: You will treat your classmates respectfully as well. See our general rule above. Treat your classmates the way you wish to be treated. Therefore, if you want me to treat you with respect, treat your classmates with respect.


    This is 11th grade English. Since you are all upperclassmen, you are expected to perform at that standard. This is the Regents year that culminates in an intense exam. This is also the year that colleges look at. There is no time to waste, therefore, I will not waste your time; DO NOT waste mine. Time wasting includes: attempting other homework during my class, responding to or instigating a text exchange during my class, or speaking out of turn. These are time wasters and will not be tolerated. It boils down to being respectful of my time. See rule above regarding respect.


    Most importantly, you need to know how to write coherently and concisely. For that reason, you will be writing in this class every day.



    You need to participate in whatever the class is doing. If you decide not to participate, you will spend time with me after school.


    Class Format:
    This is a paperless English class, meaning that we rely very heavily upon Google and Google products. The class is a pre-cursor to what students will encounter in college classrooms. A technology-infused classroom is no longer the wave of the future-it is the present.





    1st -Advanced Pub , 2nd-Eng 11, 4th-Advanced pub, 8th-Eng 10, 9th-Advanced Pub

    *I am available both before school and after school DAILY. 




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