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  • Mr. BeVier                                            

    9th Grade Class Contract for 2015-2016

    1. Goal Number One: Develop Non-Fiction Writing Skills. 9th grade promises to be exciting and challenging to students as we work toward preparing students for tenth grade and their Regents exams. We will study a variety of genres of non-fiction to align our classwork to the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. These will include articles, essays, interviews, biographies and other genres. Students will practice using specific facts and detail from material they read to support arguments they make.

    2. Goal Number Two: Close Reading!  This year, we’ll focus on the NYS 9th grade modules. We’ll also include a variety of short stories and poetry. The aim will be to enjoy our reading and practice deeper reading skills.  

    3. Goal Number Three: Maintain and strengthen good study skills. Regular homework and strong notebook organization are some of the tools this class will utilize to support students in working regularly, budgeting time, and mastering healthy work habits.

    Student Responsibilities

    • Be on time, seated, and have any work due complete when the bell rings ready to start class.
    • Be respectful of others and yourself
    • Get assignments or copy notes that were given while you were out.
    • Ask Mr. BeVier or Mrs. Ehman promptly for help regarding missed assignments, tests, or quizzes. Expect that this may require coming after school.
    • Tests and quizzes must be made up within one week after an absence.
      Late homework assignments will be worth half credit if turned in the following day. 
      Late assignments will not be accepted after one day.
    • Excuses and allowances can be made, but will require a written excuse from a parent.

      Class Procedures

                  To make class run smoothly, productively, and in a way that is most fun and respectful toward everyone, students are expected to follow all class procedures. These procedures will be reviewed in class and posted in writing.


      Detention will run from 2:55 p.m. through 3:30 p.m. Students will be required to stay for detention when:

      -   Important assignments are not completed

      -   a student is late for class without a written excuse or pass

      -   minor behavior infractions in class, as decided by Mr. BeVier and Mrs. Ehman, after at least one warning

      Detention is completely avoidable, and is only given as a consequence of choices made by an individual student. Therefore, no excuse (practice, club, etc) is accepted for missing detention.
      A missed detention results in two further days of detention. Any detention missed beyond the second missed detention results in a principal’s referral.


                  Periodically, your parent(s) may receive a call or email from your teachers about you doing very good work in class, or demonstrating great behavior. Also, outstanding work (90% and above) or work with significant improvement will be awarded with stickers. These may be saved, collected, and returned toward the end of the semester to drop your lowest grade from your average. (ten stickers needed to drop a grade).


                  Before each assignment, students will be told how much the assignment will count toward their English grade as well as how grades will be determined for the final assignment. Some grades will be counted in the grade book more than others, depending on the task. For example:


      Class Participation Points - 20%

      In seat when bell rings with work in hand, productively participates in class, promptly makes up work from absences

      Homework - 20%

      If turned in one day late, worth a maximum of half credit, no credit after two days

      Quizzes - 20%

      If missed for legal absence, need to be made up promptly upon return to class

      Major Papers / Projects - 40%

      Essays, papers, extended responses
      (will have rubric, advance notice)

    • Just a note...

    •             Kenmore West Senior High School has some of the hardest working young men and women
      in Western New York, with an impressive ability to work and demonstrate respect. Therefore, we do not expect cheating. However, it is proper academic policy for a teacher to inform students and parents
      that any cheating will result in a grade of “0” on the assignment, quiz, or test in question for anyone who participates in the act of cheating.

                                                                  Sincerely, Mr. BeVier and Mrs. Ehman

      Please sign below to indicate that you have read and are aware of the classroom policies and procedures listed. Parents with questions or concerns may please feel free to contact Mr. BeVier
      at cbevier@ktufsd.org or Mrs. Ehman at jehman@ktufsd.org. A message can be left
      at 716-874-8401 to set up a time to meet.

      *IMPORTANT: It is now strict DISTRICT-WIDE POLICY that ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES (cell phones, ipods, cameras, etc.) are prohibited except DURING LUNCH and before/after school. The instructor may, on a case-by-case basis, grant permission for a student to use ear buds during independent work. Otherwise, any such device will be confiscated if seen in our classroom. Confiscated devices will be returned to the owner at 3:30 p.m. and only after they serve a detention. In case of emergency, parents must contact their children via the school switchboard at 716-874-8401. 


Last Modified on September 10, 2015