• Here are a few of the stories from Fall 2014-2015... 
    Emily is learning about careers in business, finance, and investing. Her mentor is a financial advisor and a graduate of Kenmore East. Emily
     Parker Parker is interning with mechanical and aerospace engineers in order to learn about careers in computers and engineering.
    Nick is currently interning with a local manufacturing/ engineering company. He is able to see first-hand how the skills he's learning at Kenmore West apply to careers in engineering.Nick
     Anissa Anissa is at a Ken-Ton middle school in order to see what it's like to teach social studies at the secondary level.
    Robb is learning from his former social studies teacher. He's exploring social studies education as a career option at a Ken-Ton middle school. Robb
     Catherine Catherine's internship experience is taking place at a local health care facility working with dementia patients. She's learning about a career as a music therapist.
    Anna is learning about careers in the arts, such as museum curator, at a Buffalo art gallery. Anna
     Megan At Megan's internship, she is working with a Ken-Ton middle school special education teacher in order to see what this career is like.
    Cheyenne is back in her old Ken-Ton kindergarten class. She's learning all that is involved in teaching kindergartners. Cheyenne
     Sean Sean is exploring accounting as a future career by spending time with a Kenmore accountant.
    Sabrina is spending time in a Ken-Ton 1st Grade classroom learning what it would be like to teach elementary-aged children. Sabrina
     Ronnie Ronnie is learning about life as a school counselor by interning at a Ken-Ton middle school. 
    Liane is at a WNY hospital learning about careers in nursing. Liane
     Dan Dan is interning with a local ambulance corps to see what a career as an emergency medical technician might be like. 
    Marisol's former kindergarten teacher is welcoming her back this year so Marisol could see what it's like to be a kindergarten teacher. Marisol
     Marissa Marissa is at a local elementary school working with a music teacher. She's considering a career in music education.
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