• This semester, Kenmore West has a number of 12th Graders serving as unpaid interns throughout the community. Each is learning about a career for which he or she has expressed an interest. They spend non-school time at their internship site, and will work there for over 50 hours before the end of the semester. Here are a few of the stories from Spring 2013-2014... 
    Margo is an intern at an animal hospital in Buffalo where she's learning about careers in veterinary medicine.Margo

    Kim C

    Kim is currently interning with a Kenmore pharmacist. She is deciding between a few career options, and hopes this experience will help her to choose which to pursue.

    Liz is an intern at a local hospital where she's helping sick children and their parents get through some tough times. She will work toward her nursing degree in college.Liz
    Austin Austin is an intern with a manufacturing firm in Tonawanda where he's learning about many business career options. He plans to pursue a career in business, computers, or graphic design.
    Megan is interning with a local Veterinarian this semester. She plans to pursue a career in this field after high school.Megan

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