• Helpful Links
    Important! Students who have not mastered facts should be doing Fasttmath at least twice a day.  They can play multiple games for additional practice.
    Fraction Nation 
    Important! Fractions are a big part of the Grade 4 curriculum. Students should be using this site regularly.
     Grade 3 Math PracticeFor students who need to practice math skills learned in third grade.
    Fun educational site we sometimes use in class.
    Another fun site for exploration on science and math topics
    Ben's Guide to US Government
    Kid friendly site with games and explanation of our government and important documents.
     Congress for Kids
    Kid friendly site - Constitution and Government
    Sign the Declaration of Independence
    Fun site where you can see your name along with the original signers of the Declaration of Independence.  
     PBS American Revolution Site Great site to learn more about the American Revolution




Last Modified on March 21, 2017