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    Technology Review Questions - How many of these can you answer confidently? 

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    Multiple Choice – Choose the best response for each question or statement.

    ___    1)      A group of things that work together are called a: 

          A) System     B) Bunch       C) Collection        D) Resource


    ___    2)      PIMTECT is an acronym for the 7 resources.  What does the “E” stand for?

          A) Effort        B) Energy         C) English          D) Endless


    ___    3)      Students sharing ideas out loud to help solve a problem is called: 

          A) Thinking    B) Brainstorming         C) Talking        D) Researching


    ___    4)      Scale and dimension are both used in a: 

          A) Sketch       B) Technical Drawing     C) Rough Drawing    D) Draft


    ___    5)      In a simple (open loop) System’s Model, what is the order of operations? 

          A) Input → Output → Process           B) Output → Process → Input     

          C) Input → Process → Output       D) Process → Output → Input


    ___    6)      Items mass-produced in a factory fall under which area of Technology: 

          A) Construction Technology          B) Transportation Technology       

          C) Communication Technology       D) Manufacturing Technology


    ___    7)      Burning coal releases air pollution. This impact is an example of: 

          A) Expected / Desired         B) Unexpected / Desired       C) Expected / Undesired      D) Unexpected / Undesired


    ___    8)      Consider the seven resources (PIMTECT).  Plastic is an example of: 

          A) Capital       B) Machines        C) Materials        D) Time


    ___    9)      Select the best unit to dimension a cell phone in a technical drawing: 

          A) Foot           B) Meter              C) Inch                  D) Mile


    ___    10)    A car has many systems - like braking, electrical and lighting systems.                                                                                                                        The systems work together, but individually, these systems are referred to as: 

          A) Sub-systems      B) Super-systems       C) Small-systems       D) US-systems


    ___    11)    Consider the design process (Design Spiral) to put these steps in order: 

          A) Build, Design, Test, Evaluate       B) Test, Design, Build, Evaluate     

          C) Design, Build, Test, Evaluate       D) Build, Test, Evaluate, Design


    ___    12)    Transportation Technology has evolved from walking and riding animals to                                                                                                          the invention of the wheel, to the use of carts, bikes and automobiles.                                                                                                                          Which of the following is another example of an evolution of technology? 

          A) Computers to Laptops       B) House phones to cell phones     

          C) Bicycles to motorcycles       D) All of the other answers


    ___    13)    Consider the seven resources (PIMTECT).  Wood is an example of: 

          A) Capital        B) Machines        C) Materials        D) Time


    ___    14)    Name the engineering design step when you start to build a prototype: 

          A) Define the problem       B) Brainstorm solutions       

          C) Implement the best solution        D) Evaluate the solution


    ___    15)    Sending and receiving texts and emails is made possible because of: 

          A) Agricultural Technology        B) Transportation Technology     

          C) Construction Technology        D) Communication Technology


    ___    16)    The order of actions for a “closed loop” systems model is: 

          A) Input, Output, Process, Monitor, Adjust       B) Input, Process, Output, Monitor, Adjust 

          C) Process, Monitor, Output, Input, Adjust       D) Output, Monitor, Input, Adjust, Process


    ___    17)    Consider the impacts of technology, something good and planned for is: 

          A) Expected and Desired              B) Expected and Undesired

          C) Unexpected and Desired          D) Unexpected and Undesired


    ___    18)    Consider the seven resources (PIMTECT).  Electricity is an example of: 

          A) Capital          B) Machines        C) Materials        D) Energy


    ___    19)    Using knowledge and resources to solve problems is within the field of: 

          A) Technology      B) ELA           C) Entertainment     D) Social Studies 


    ___    20)    Drawing a three-dimensional object using a computer is a form of: 

          A) Modeling         B) Dimensioning          C) Surfacing     D) Constructing


    ___    21)    Referring to a system’s model, the process comes after: 

          A) Monitor           B) Input                C) Adjust              D) Output


    ___    22)    Reusing products like plastic bottles and aluminum cans is referred to as: 

          A) Investing         B) Reducing         C) Recycling         D) Re-doing


    ___    23)    Which energy resource releases the most CO2 and other pollution? 

          A) Coal            B) Solar                C) Wind                D) All of these


    ___    24)    Consider the seven resources (PIMTECT).  Scientists are an example of: 

          A) Capital         B) Machines        C) People             D) Energy


    ___    25)    Which energy resources release no CO2 while producing electricity?

           A) Hydro           B) Solar               C) Wind                D) All of these


    ___    26)    The term brainstorming refers to the practice of generating ideas by: 

          A) Keeping your thoughts to yourself so no one else can steal them 

          B) Speaking your ideas out loud so others can add to them over and over 

          C) Writing your ideas down so a committee can evaluate them later 

          D) Submitting your ideas to an agency for further consideration


    ___    27     The process of gathering information from trusted sources is called: 

          A) Brainstorming         B) Research         C) Building       D) None of these


    ___    28)    What type of computer program would you use to draw a building? 

          A) Word processing              B) Computer Aided Design (CAD)           

          C) Graphic communication            D) Internet-based web browser (IBWB)


    ___    29)    Dimensions are used in technical drawings to show: 

          A) Size and color              B) Time and Date        

          C) Size and location          D) Location and quantity


    ___    30)    A gasoline engine in a car provides power, but also pollutes.  This is: 

          A) Expected and Desired             B) Expected and Undesired     

          C) Unexpected and Desired         D) Unexpected and Undesired


    ___    31)    What type of computer program would you use to write a book? 

          A) Word processing              B) Computer Aided Design (CAD)         

          C) Graphic communication          D) Internet-based web browser (IBWB)


    ___    32)    A force that pushes on an object and could squeeze it is called: 

          A) Tension          B) Compression           C) Torque        D) Shear


    ___    33)    Which of these is least likely to have been mass produced in a factory? 

          A) Bicycle            B) Cell phone                C) Pickup truck               D) House


    ___    34)    A speedometer shows how fast your car is moving. This is an example of: 

          A) Input            B) Process           C) Output            D) Monitor


    ___    35)    A prototype of a product is best described as: 

          A) Finished product            B) Exact replica           

          C) First working example            D) Rough drawing


    ___    36)    Cutting a piece of wood or plastic to the correct size for a project is: 

          A) Materials processing              B) Word processing           

          C) Data processing           D) Food processing


    ___    37)    A force that pulls on an object that could stretch it is called: 

          A) Tension           B) Compression            C) Torque        D) Shear


    ___    38)    Making a product that is high quality and looks and works great is called: 

          A) Brainstorming          B) Leadership      C) Ownership     D) Craftsmanship


    ___    39)    A tree is an example of which type of material: 

          A) Synthetic         B) Raw        C) Processed       D) Composite


    ___    40)    What type of computer program would you use to give a presentation? 

          A) Word processing        B) Computer Aided Design (CAD)       

          C) Graphic communication        D) Internet-based web browser (IBWB)


    ___    41)    Which set of steps would be followed to build a prototype?   

          A) Build, Design, Test          B) Test, Design, Build       

          C) Design, Build, Test         D) Build, Test, Evaluate