• Resource Room

    Teacher:  Mr. Hogan

    Room: 345

    Email: rhogan@ktufsd.org 


    Course Description

    Resource Room class is a special education program that can be delivered to a student with a disability.  It is for the student who qualifies for either a special class or regular class placement but needs some special instruction in an individualized or small group setting for a portion of the day.  Individual needs and goals are supported in Resource room as defined by each student’s IEP.



    ·        Respect the teacher, your classmates, and the classroom contents.

    ·        Be prepared

    ·        Be on time

    ·        Be responsible for your own actions

    ·        Do NOT waste time in class.  Use your time wisely and spend every minute of class trying to learn.



    At the end of each marking period, students who consistently put an effort toward learning will be given a mark of Satisfactory.  Students who waste class time, come to class unprepared, or are disruptive will be given a mark of Unsatisfactory.


    What should students bring to class?

    One of the key expectations for Resource Room is that students come prepared for class.  That will look differently for each student from day to day depending on what work they need to get done.  Students have time during Resource Room to work on homework, study, and organize their stuff.  They should use their time wisely.  If they have no homework, they can always study or read.  There are two computers in the classroom for students to use if they need to use them for school.  If all students need to use the computer, our class will go to the computer lab or school library.  Students should not be going to their locker during class, they should bring whatever they need to class each day.


    The Learning Environment

    There will be times in Resource Room that we will review for tests or quizzes or I will reteach a topic that students are having trouble with.  If a student’s classroom teacher notifies me of an assignment or anything else a student should be doing, that will take priority in class over assignments a student wants to do.  Students will get out of this class what they put into it.  They need to come here motivated to learn every day!

Last Modified on September 1, 2016