• Darfur Essay

    In a 6 paragraph essay (intro, body, conclusion), reflect on the situation in Darfur and discuss what you feel we as individuals should do to stop the genocide. Use details from the movie (the examples of Adam Sterling, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Hejewa Adam, Ahmed Mahmoud Abakar, Pablo Recalde and Don Cheadle) along with your own ideas to argue for a specific plan of action that individuals and members of our Kenmore West community can do to call attention to and help end this problem.

    100 points.

    Rough outline


       I.    Attention getter

       II.  What is the problem?

       III. What should we do?

    Body 1

       I.    What is happening in         Darfur?

       II.   What I saw in the movie

       III. Other things I know from research

    Body 2   

       I.    How I Feel 

       II.   Specific moments from the film

      III.  How this feeling relates to my own life

      IV.  Example of my experience relating to something from the movie 

    Body 3

      I.   People who are making a difference

      II.  What this teaches us about as individuals

    Body 4

      I. What you and I can do

          a. reasons to act

          b. steps to take


      I.    Remind us of the problem

      II.  Remind us of the important examples

      III. Tell us what to do

      IV.  “Kicker”



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